Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Silly Awards - The 5 Categories - CHOSEN

I am proud (I think) to announce the 5 categories chosen by the inner circle for the Silly Talent and Awards Show to be held some Saturday, EuroTime, this coming September.

The envelope please.  Drum roll...\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Most Confusing Use of a Crustacean in a Dance Routine
(Shrimp, lobster, crab all qualify, no cephalopods allowed)

Most Abuse of Avatar Physics
(Crank up the sliders and let things flap in the breeze!)

Most Baffling Use of Motion
(Show us how you move in ways that make NO good sense.  Defy gravity, walk through your fellow dancers, slide like your feet are covered in grease.  Anything that's confusing.)

Most Misunderstood Mashup
(Urban grunge meets Mozart; Tinkerbell meets Nine Inch Nails; Terminator meets Glenn get the idea)

Most OTT (Over the Top) routine
(Excessive use of set changes, props, effects (particles, etc.), costume changes....the type of routine that makes Donald Trump seem subtle) 

Thank all of you who submitted your ideas. 

Choices are limited to 2 categories per entrant.

Interested parties contact:

Shadow Tarber or myself, Lat "Yummy Lovenkraft for an application form.


Lat "Yummy Lovenkraft


  1. Yummy, does 2 categories per entrant mean one dance that can qualify for 2 categories or, 2 dances one in each of 2 categories. And, do we name the category/ies we are entering in?

  2. 2 in each of 2 categories. Yes, name your intended categories please.