Sunday, July 10, 2016

A first-time dance-challenge event was held Sunday July 10th for mainstream dancers. (A similar event for GOR dance was held Saturday July 9th.)

Bottom have 4 hrs to create a routine from scratch. No recognizable sets allowed. The actual show, scheduled for 1:30pm SLT went on with only a few minutes delay....MUCH SHORTER DELAY than i expected under the gruelling circumstances. The LAG monster was even kind.

Organizers were: Ayita, JJ, Maia, and Nalani with Gunner stepping\d in to DJ, even having had another appointment at the same time.

So the challenge included: animations, sets, costumes, special fx, solos and groups. The list of performers were (in no particular order): Babypea, Kellan, Shadow Tarber, Diawa Bellic, Luna, Maia, & Ayita.

Songs were selected at random. A song for each decade from 1950 to 2010. I loved the song selections. 

First hurdle was that MP was down and/or severely crippled for 2 out of the 3 hours. What timing! Second hurdle was that I also I heard notecards were not saving reliably.


 I visited all the build areas thru-out the 3 hrs as they were making them to pick up (steal) tricks. One thing I noticed was the popularity of texture-organizers so that will be 1st on my list to get if I don't already have one buried somewhere.

Also it wasn't as exciting as I thought it would stuff happenened  quickly in short spurts...then long periods of nothingness, not that its meant to be exciting for watchful eyes.  It's meant to meet the end objective...that being putting a routine together in a short span of time.  So there is a lot of 'thinking and creating and shopping and selecting' going on that is not visible. 

The final result was nothing less than amazing. I've seen less spectacular efforts that have had a week or more to prepare. Seemed, to me, as if people played to their personal strengths. It was touching. 

To be honest I expected A LOT MORE TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES and longer DELAYS between sets. Totally blown away. I can only credit the experience of those involved, professionalism, attention to detai, and passion for the craft.

FOUR things I came away with was self-revealing it appeared to be for many. A few seemed to admit that they learned more about themselves. And to some, it was a humbling experience... so many people I have admired over the years came together in 'same time and place' to make it happen...

THREE people participated from all the 3 major timezone areas. Real sacrifice from those who were doing it in their pajamas...or not...and it was FUN and non-competitive, no prizes....everyone had their own creative challenges to face. 

It was all about the process and self-rediscovery as well as seeing how peers perform under similar circumstances and supporting and cheering each other on.  

So rumor is some venues will be doing 2 shows daily now. (just kidding).

Lat "Yummy" Lovenkraft


  1. LOL Yummy, hugs you! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this event. It was a great experience, even in my pajamas, and I did learn a bit about my own priorities when it comes to dance creation. It was a bit stressful but not unduly, and was still a lot of fun. I would do it again! It was really fun sharing the event with the other dance creators, and seeing what they all came up with in the four hours. I think the best part of the day for me was hearing Diawa say, "I am having fun." Warmed my heart. :)

    1. was fun seeing everyone doing so good!

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    1. No you don't! You are my loveling and my mentor and my hero, so hush! And, don't forget, you are sweet :)

  3. This was reminiscent of the olden days when we were all learning and struggling and supportive because all of a sudden everyone was 'new to dance and vulnerable' and there were always prob lems and challenges. There was amazing support for each other. There was no competition other than competing against oneself. Everyone did something special which was very evident as was noticed someone else whom I spoke with who was involved. I found something to love about each act because of the context. Dancers were trying to 'survive' and not be better than....just present something acceptable which is considered a 'win' for the occasion because the assumption is it might be un-doable at all in such a short span of time. This was a 'time-out' for camaraderie. Those were were often critical of dance, became humble and compassionate once again.

  4. For me, when I joined it, it was about pushing myself. I was so curious about how I would do personally. I have admired several of those that also took the challenge to task and I have to say, I was FLOORED at how well we ALL did. I was very proud of myself for what I accomplished but it was stressful, as I am a perfectionist, but it also taught me to compromise when I needed to; great life lesson! I feel very lucky with the song I received in that it was more in my "color wheel". Thank you for the positive feedback and for taking the time to look around and understand a lot of what we are doing is searching in our inventory, grabbing some animations, searching MP, processing what options we have, ect. It is NOT as easy as I think we all made it look, yesterday! lol

  5. I wondered if each person drew 2 random songs (or 3), instead of just 1, and would pick from the 2 (or 3). That way they would feel they had some control, but way short of total or ideal control, over the music. Such an adjustment might even the challenge field a bit more. Just an idea. Although I was amazed at how those with challenging songs stepped up to the plate and delivered.

  6. Making notes as we speak of suggestions and glad to hear you guys would try a second go-around! It was a really fun, if not stressful event ... it was quite revealing of our skill sets in many ways. Humbling, that too. Thanks to you all for walking the plank.

  7. Can I say I went into this with real trepidation being so new to Mainstream choreography. Doing the Gorean challenge the day before had really pushed me to my limits and I was a bunch of nerves being in the company of so many dancers / choreographers that I have so much admiration for. One of the things I learnt from that exercise was not to over think things -- the short period of time does not allow that! I was constantly saying to myself keep it simple and if you have time expand on element -- this is totally the reverse thinking to how I normally approach a dance and I realise now the reason I am always kind of disappointed in myself is I have these grandiose ideas but never the time to bring them to fruition. I am so proud of myself for challenging myself and I have to say to everyone else who took part .... yes it was stressful, yes it was frustrating at times when mp wouldn't respond or notecards would not open or save... But you know what we had fun -- it was not a competition, we just challenged ourselves! Bring on the next one!

  8. I have had a few people ask me which songs were chosen at random. I apologize for leaving them out of my post. Maybe someone who knows could answer to the benefit of others who might also be curious?

  9. Chosen by JJ (ladiejj jewell) and the theme was music through the decades.

    Jailhouse Rock - Elvis Presley (1950s)
    Light My Fire - The Doors (1960s)
    I Will Survive - Gloria Gayner (1970s)
    Cherry Pie - Warrant (1980s)
    Hand in My Pocket - Alanis Morissette (1990s)
    How Your Remind Me - Nickelback (2000s)
    We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together - Taylor Swift (2010s)