Saturday, January 2, 2016

Facial Bones

Secondlife Bento Project with Facial bones

Here is an interesting video link, albeit detailed, on some in-depth analysis of the 'facial bone' manipulations available with/in the Bento project. 

While the narrator is reasonaby critical of there 'not being enough' and suggesting there be more bone-translations than just bone-rotations, I was very gaga-eyed over the extent of the number of new bones and very wonderous over what we might see. 

Bottom line is that it is soooo much more than we have now and leave it to the hands of the super imaginative and creative to really make facial-expressions come to life.

As performance-artists, this may bring, more to the forerfront, the importance of a cinematic-close-up offering in order to be able to 'show emotions' at the right times to help deliver more touching performance 'moments'. We might see more audience-scripted camming with more performer-audience-impact.

I can forsee a different animation-priority that allows for the easy mating of certain bento-type manipulations such they can work in concert with the current spate of full-bodied dance/AO/static-pose animations without conflicting. That would be nice. Then if we could play facial animations with non-facial animations...ok i know...I'm just dreaming.

I think it may help performing artists mentally prepare for what may be coming and possibly begin to rethink how they approach dance and movement-art.


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