Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Reverse Choreography

What to blog about? 

Well I guess its whatever goes thru a bloggers mind. Not much difference in my musings and those of others except I've been tasked with writing and sharing mine. They asked for contributors. I volunteered to blog figuring I would fill in until REAL bloggers came along and sort of just wing it. Well I guess I am now a blogger because I do, not because I can.

 I am crazy enough and allow myself to be vulnerable enough to expose my intimate thoughts, povs, and attitudes at the risk of attack, scowl, ridicule, challenge, being shunned, and other appropriate synonyms, etc.

 I often wondered in life if I am doing (or did) what i am (was)  supposed to be doing? How does one know what one is meant to be? I guess the answer is, whatever you end up being and doing...that is what you were meant to be and do. We seldom do for long, things we are not good at or that don't serve the needs of the greater good. 

Things we want to do but are not good at, we will unlikely be compensated for or hold down a job with for long. Often we end up doing something we are naturally good at, talented with, but maybe not totally vested in as far as 'longing to do'. The number of 'want-to-be-artists, comedians, singers, dancers, writers, actors/actresses, musicians' who can't make a living due to lack of talent and/or stiff competition I suspect is in the tens of millions. I think many of us would ideally like to make a living at something creative that expresses the individuality of our soul. Some luck out. Most I suspect wish and daydream of the day when...But there is only room for so many. 

High-school counselors, back in the day, way back, would give you aptitude tests that gave you strong inklings as to what you would be best at doing in life. What I ended up doing hadn't even been invented yet.

So in the interest of blogging...whether ordained to or latest quirky thought that would usually remain private, I offer up so as to help fill the under-fed void of non-blogging. (I know I don't blog enough. I over-analyze what I might discuss and most of it never reaches the blog. The fear of what people will think. Will they take it the wrong way? Will I offend people with my views? Will some take it personal? And so it goes. And so goes by the wayside many a topic.)

Reverse Choreography

What was the initial core creative driving force? Imagine choosing animations of all types, including poses, AOs, irrespective of in no music to begin with (Yes i know most dance routines start with a song)? Choose an assembly of raw moves, expressive in their progression of how you feel...and inner tune that is kinetic. It would be a whole new way of creating, thinking, getting in touch with self. But you would be unrestricted in your choice(s) because you would not be encumbered by the length and tempo of a song.

I dread falling into a lull of being forced to extend a routine beyond what i want to say using just enough animations...just to fill out the length of song. 

Seems the success and integrity of art is in making 'each part count'. 

From the pov of a fan and not a trained dancer, choreographer, nor student of dance, I find I admire Michael Jackson as a dancer because of the brevity, delineation, and  succinctness of his moves. They are like words strung together to make a poem. Just long enough but never lingering, generally not repeating except for those that act as tonal centers, with properly placed dance-cadences and redefining and reaffirming signature moves. And always unambiguously demarcated.

 Downton Abbey's success to me came from the unheralded number of sub-plots. Maybe you say that has long been the style and format of day-time soap operas. Could be. Maybe its that we are/were not used to seeing it in prime-time. Of course there is the characters and honest-casting and constant tensions. Good writing. But no mini-scene seemed to linger beyond the length needed to move the story along to a point where you could infer what happens between that segment and the next associated segment.

 Dennis Prager (now a conservative talk-show host but used to be liberal or middle-of-the-road) back in the day, stressed the 'economy of words'. (I know i should practice that more. I am getting better.) He had an interesting book "Think a Second Time". I marveled at how succinctly he was able to convey his viewpoints. I am almost always at odds with his common-day viewpoints but his style of exposition I found invigorating and thought-worthy. Sort of against-the-grain to the common wordiness of most opinionated-books. I think 'economy-of' can apply to economy of musical-phrasing, eductaion, dance-movements as well...even cartoon strips. Alas, enter the age of the "tweet", max of 140 characters.

Anyways, animations could be our words. Poses and/or AOs could be our punctuation or paragraph markers. Akin to the notes and rests in music.

Then...we would use a sound/music editing program (Audacity is a FREE editing software program and popular with SL dancers) to assemble a combination of musical phrases, sound-fx, sampled dialog-snippets, or other sounds be they melodic or not etc., to accompany our choreography. So we would need to time our dance at key points where we might want to accentuate something with sound. More easily done by recording our dance (FRAPS is a FREE screen capture program...I have not used it) and placing markers at key points...but we could just as well use a stopwatch...well maybe NOT 'just as well'.

Ideally, we could create our own original musical assembly to match the varying tempos of our animations. We could mix rhythmic and non-rhythmic, melodic and non-melodic, tonal and a tonal, conservative and way out, classical and contemporary. 

Just a way-out thought I've had that I will pursue and see where it lands. Could be all rubbish as the Brits might say. 

So I say. Sometimes I'm just all talk. Ok, a lot of the times. 

And..this is about as economical with words as I can be which is good for me.

Lat "Yummy" Lovenkraft

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  1. WOW Yummy that was an amazing read, very thought-provoking and inspiring. Great creative concept, reverse choreography. When I get time I may try it just for the adventure!! It would be a fascinating creative exploration. Thank you for sharing this with us!