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So I've been feeling like someone who has had to sit at the little kids table on Thanksgiving Day (American Holiday). You remember where they sat a card-table on 4 supporting blocks and we sat cross-legged on the floor. Now I finally get to sit at the "grown-folks" table. Seems there is more to eat here and I can ask for 2nds.

That's what it's felt like when you have a new product but have not shown the newest "in-feature" that everyone asks me about:  "do you have the "new in-feature of 2013", cause all the other grown-folk at the table have one. Sheesh!. Until this was this was done, I understand that I was just seen as an "also ran". So here it is...you asked for it...a demo of Yummy'z version of an AvatarMover that is just 1 of the now 120+ features included in the Artiste Performance GOLD Suite release.


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