Friday, March 7, 2014

Turn Me On

Turn Me On - Watch the Video==>: Turn Me On

I am proud to present another collaborative effort between choreographer/production-designer Aura Fitzgerald (auricrose), Cinematographer,  Thaddeus Tobias, and the Artiste Performance HUD.

Artiste HUD Functions used:


So to add, this is yet another creative use of the Artiste Performance HUD, highlighting a technique we've termed the UnStrip. The piece-by-piece "WEARING of clothes, synchronized to events, using the AutoAdorn function.

Also, there were 2 complete automated costume-changes (we call Wear/Unwear) using the AutoChange function of the HUD. (NOTE: AutoChange WILL now be in the GOLD version, in place of AutoRez);

The AutoFX triggered the Flash (lightning) effect at precise times (this feature -Flash- now one of the 35+ features of the new Artiste Palette (formerly called the Gadget)  but will still be triggered from AutoFX). The Flash is mod and configurable. The timing of the Flash represented a catalyst for the "changes".

In this case the dance sequence was started using the "S" button, as opposed to AutoSequence used in The Battle video, because the artist used an aural clue to start the dance AND then press PLAY on the HUD at the same time.

The performer use all 10 events with extensive use of event-offsets to accurately time the mixture of features.

There were also 10 emotes in the show version (using the AutoEmote) function.  (not seen in the video for clarity of presentation)

The HUD was also used to trigger the custom-designed Avatar-On-Fire effect in the finale via AutoFX.

Aura Fitzgerald

" I originally had the idea for a "reverse-strip" some time ago and was amused by the idea of having a mechanised doll become human.  I had seen versions of this idea before but I wanted something more gradual rather than one straight swap between a doll avatar and a human one using the built-in outfit change."

"The set and routine was already half finished in SL when I saw the video for "Turn me On" and there were so many similarites in ideas that I decided to make it an hommage and perhaps show that you could capture the spirit of something from RL and translate it into SL"

"Choreography wise, I tried to capture the sense of jerky mechanical movements becoming gradually more fluid and human as the dance continues, until she is capable of quite complicated moves."

"Using so many adorn folders was a tricky business, as was deciding which bits should go into them."

"The Wear/Unwear function made changing skins so much easier to contemplate.  I had to get creative in order to pull off the catching on fire, but again,  the HUD was instrumental in making it come together so well.  Thanks to Jemma for helping me with the lightning idea..this was probably the first time I had used triggered AutoFX and the result was literally electrifying :)"

by Aura Fitzgerald



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