Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Lovie Joe: Lovei Joe video

Lovie Joe:  Lovei Joe video

 "Lovie Joe is a very simple representation of how the Silver Artiste HUD can be used to enhance a simple routine.  The original stage performance had a set of emotes delivered at key points during the performance which you dont see here, but you can see the removal of the boa, using the strip function and the addition of a spotlight and hairbrush with the adorn function."

"The built in sequencer made it very easy for the dance routine to be edited to key points in the song, given that it quickly and efficiently saves changes to the routine.  This cuts down the amount of time it takes to choreograph a routine immensely."

"As with most things, less is generally more and the simplicity and scarcity of the embellishments does not detrat from the dance routine in any way.  It does, however enhance the telling of the "story" and helps set the mood."

Aura Fitzgerald (auricrose)

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