Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Creation Begats Creation

Babypea Von Phoenix sent the following:

I remember the first time I visited Toy's gallery.  As I walked those long and winding paths, stopping to consider each of the amazing artworks presented, I kept seeing dances.  So many dances alive in those pictures, rising from the sculptures!  I think Toy's artworks could inspire ten-thousand dances.  So I proposed a challenge to the Elysium Amphitheatre dancers... select one of Toy's artworks and create a dance inspired by that creation.  Art begats art.  Creation begats creation.  Come see what we made.

On March 22nd at 1pm SLT, at the Jewel in the Sky, Elysium Amphitheatre proudly presents Creation Begats Creation.  Please join us for a very special and powerful show!  Watch us turn still pictures and sculpture into Škáŋ, something in movement, spiritual vitality.  Dance!  The Motion of the Universe.  The event will include the following dancers and their chosen artworks being transformed into dance:

Peachy Capalini - Emergence and All He Sees
Georgie Amaterasu - Killing Field
LiLAnGeLs - Frost Forest
Jilley - Spiritual Grandeur
Cyllene - Ascension Denied
Babypea - Hillbilly Airways
JessLawton - Dandelion and Misty Mountain
Bevin - The Princess and The Goblin
Winnie - Loves Crush


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