Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Battle

The Battle -

A video highlighting the debut of the 4th and newest member of our team, Thaddeus Tobias as TPT Cinematographer. It also marks a high-point of collective synergy between our production designer and choreographer Aura Fitzgerald,  Thad our post-processing designer, and myself as device-maker as we all worked seamlessly, molding the new technical direction with her artistic vision and his cinematic translation.

Two major features of the Artiste Performance HUD, A/B group sequencing, and decentralized object-based functionality are borne. We have combined all of those one-of scripts we'd been giving away, into one new add-on called the Artiste Gadget. It shows 3 or the 35 current features, fade-out, fade-in, and move. We will be pulling out all the rest of our buried toys from the attic and adding them into the Gadget to enable unlimited new creative outlets and endless permutations.

The Gadget makes those one-ofs now:

 1) customizable,
 2) synchronizable to the main HUD features, and
 3) can now easily be combined with other object-based features since they all now live together

...thus we have an unlimited number of batched mini-events that can be triggered by the major events.

The direction we are heading is to provide a means to 'extend' dance with common as well as never-before-seen new features, using breathing-points in the dance itself as the defining moment of events.

 While I had thought that the music and its natural sectioning of verse-chorus=type parts was going to be the lead-demarcation for events, the creative users have chosen to instead make natural dance-moments that punctuate the dance as artistic pauses and accents ... THE event-definitions ... and I have also seen the light and am proceeding down that same path as a 'new artist' discovering how I cn create art as well as seeing how my product can best be used in the end.


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