Sunday, February 2, 2014

Artiste Performance HUD - Integrates with DanceDiva - Cheers!


Even if you are sick of hearing about it by now, we are sure you will appreciate our own little
tribute to the art of ⁂•:._.:•⁂ cheerleading ⁂•:._.:•⁂, assisted by The Artiste HUD© and the amazing Dance Diva©

Enjoy!  The Football season may be over tomorrow, but we will continue cheering :D

╚»  The Personal Touch Group

Watch this video:


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Many thanks to Aura Fitzgerald for conceiving and choreographing this routine to help demonstrate the automated formation changes of the Artiste.

This is a demonstration of the integration of the DanceDiva, conceived and created by Jemma (Jemz) aka jm1832 Resident,  into the Artiste Performance HUD, eliminating the need for a 'follower' HUD while tightly integrating the Artiste Performance HUD's ability to synchronize formations moves with other functions like stripping, emoting, adorning, external controls, set-cross-fades, etc, by using the AutoFX function and the events system.

  The DanceDiva does NOT use pose-balls and has built-in ramping and damping for smoother transitioning.  The integrated DanceDiva formation system is in the GOLD edition of the Artiste Performance HUD which will be released soon.  The DanceDiva is still available as a stand-alone product and the Dace Diva Controller purchase will still be required as an add-on to the Artiste GOLD.

The Artiste GOLD edition will have all the features most requested.. In fact, the ONLY features it will  not have are Costume/Outfit change and AutoPose, which will be added in the PLATINUM release. And those features can be accomplished, albeit with more effort, using the GOLD edition and a few less bells and whistles. 

I am estimating a release in 30 to 60 days

Equal credit will be applied towards the future purchase of the Artiste GOLD and PLATINUM editions, if you bought or are thinking of buying the SILVER edition.

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