Monday, January 27, 2014

New - Elysium Amphitheatre

Babypea von Phoenix sent the following:

Adventures in Dance at Elysium Amphitheatre ... the Jewel in the Sky

What is Adventures in Dance?

A series of dance workshops with a mission in dance creation: Challenge.

Sometimes we can feel as though we have lost our mojo.  We may feel blocked or perhaps stagnate in our approach to creating dances.  These workshops seek to force us out of our comfort zones, to stimulate the imagination, to encourage new discoveries on the road of SL dance.

Once a month, we meet and a challenge is cast.  The following month, we present the results of that challenge with a unique and imaginative dance show.  We seek to push ourselves to the outer limits of our creative potential.  Hopefully, the universe of our imaginations is expanding and the outer limits will never be reached.

We invite you to come see the results of our challenges.  One Saturday a month at 1pm SLT we proudly perform our very best.  Come see what we made for your entertainment pleasure.

This show will be performed in the new and unique outdoor Jewel of the Sky, the Elysium Amphitheatre.  Release your inner magic.  Wear what you please, but we do invite you to dress up in something fabulous, bizarre, outrageous... and celebrate the creativity that Second Life offers.

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