Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Guerilla Burlesque Auditions

chryblnd Scribe sent the following:

Guerilla Burlesque is auditioning for 2014 positions!

Guerilla Burlesque is the hybrid dance entertainment and burlesque troupe which performs to a full house every Friday at midnight on Idle Rogue. We take great pride in presenting fresh, well-crafted and original dance acts at every show. It's a rigorous schedule with exacting standards, and it's not the life for every dancer, but for those it suits, it;s a life-changing experience.

To succeed in the Guerilla Burlesque team, you must be prepared to build and costume your solo acts and present them at scheduled rehearsal one week before your rostered performance. Shows are held at midnight SLT and you are expected to stay and socialise for up to an hour afterwards, as well as participate in touring shows, promotional work and other events. There are no plans to change these times.

Your building and choreography are expected to be to a very high standard.

Auditions will be held on Friday February 7th at midnight. You should prepare two acts for audition. You will perform one at the first audition, which will be marked by a panel from the Guerilla Burlesque troupe. In the event that you find yourself tied with another audition, you will be called back to perform your second act at a second audition. Audition acts may be used in your rostered performances for our February to March season.

Because we are seeking to fill a regular rostered position, we are seeking experienced dancers for these auditions. If you've no experience but are confident you can put together 5 acts over the next 3 months, please IM chryblnd Scribe to discuss your suitability for audition.

Applications to audition should be submitted on a notecard entitled:
Guerilla Burlesque Auditions Feb 2014 [your name]
Inside the card, please list any performing experience you have, and the name of two current avatars who can provide a reference as to your performance experience.
Applications should be submitted to chryblnd Scribe by January 31st, and as soon as I receive your application I will allocate a time to you.

I make it sound very hard, and it is demanding. But if the timeslot suits you and you have a little talent as a dancer, don;t be afraid to try out. Even if you are unseuccessful at the regular vacancy, we have nurtured many of SLs finest dancers, and you could be one of them.

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