Thursday, December 12, 2013

Guerilla Burlesque looking for performers for "Le Cirque de Nuit"

Chryblnd Scribe sent the following notice:

Le Cirque de Nuit is a loose homage to Erin Morgenstern's book, The Night Circus. It is NOT necessary to have read the book to take part in the show, as we will not be recreating the story.
Our "circus" will be primarily dance-based. Set in a black and white Big Tent, acts should be magical, circus or exotic dance based. We will be looking for a variety of acts, particularly circus acts such as acrobatics, tightrope, trained animals and similar. Illusions, contortionists and tarot performers who can stay in character should consider applying.
Your costume and set should be black, grey and white, no other colours are permitted, except for skin and hair.
**IMPORTANT** We wish to manage the staging of your acts as much as possible, which means you should build with transferable prims. Our builders may be able to assist with this if you cannot build the pieces you want yourself. This is so we can segue between acts, without causing delays for the audience. Our aim is to create a very immersive experience which will require every assistance to suspend disbelief.

In the first instance you should use whatever resources you have at your disposal to put together a "concept" for your act. You must be able to show that your concept fits the above parameters and that you can source the animations, props and costumes you require to perform your routine. Please include visual cues, links to marketplace items, music, photos and resources in order for us to assess whether you should go ahead with building the act for audition.

Please also include your performance "resume" where applicable, so that we can check on your experience in a performance environment.

Submit your concept to chryblnd Scribe on notecard, word document, email, or any other widely-accepted presentation platform by December 15th 2013. Please provide as much information as you can, and remember that presentation counts in this endeavour.

If you are still confused, please contact chryblnd Scribe to set up a one-to-one meeting and discuss your enquiries. We are aiming to present a very high-quality show, and communication is the first step in this process.

Please access the following resources before asking questions:

You can access visual moods here:

And a beginner playlist of the type of music that falls under the "steampunk" genre here:

The first chapter of the book is here:
and a fan vid here:

It is intended this show will be performed for tips for the Guerilla Burlesque Exclusive group in late December or early January, and will then show at intervals throughout 2014, depending on bookings. We intend to collect several acts as a rotating cast for the first several performances, and may hold auditions again in 2014 if it is deemed to be in the show's interest.
PLEASE NOTE: This show will NOT routinely play at midnight, we will be looking for different timezones in consultation with the eventual cast.

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