Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Performers Wanted for Burn 2013

Aelva Resident sent the following notice:

Greetings, all you dancing boys n girls!

This year at Burn there will be a stage just for dance performances and you all are invited to come over and show us what you can do.

Our Goal is to have at least one performance a day and get the rest of SL to see exactly what we can do with some hud-driven pixels.

Burn starts on Saturday the 19th of October and goes on till Sunday the 28th.

The stage is 20x10 with about 200 prim allowance for sets and we have seats for about 25 spectators.  You will need your own DJ.

If you are interested in doing a dance or two, drop Aelva Resident a copy of this notecard renamed Burn 2013 and your name, and fill in the answers to the following questions:

Avatar name:

Troupe Name:

Performing Troupe Members:

Preferred Performance day and time:


And maybe a little history of the performance or yourself/troupe:

In the spirit of Burn, we do not spam advertisements at the shows or charge/use tipjars. It is all about sharing our love for the arts and fellow man.

I hope to see you there, dancing barefeet in the sand!

/ Aelva

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