Thursday, October 17, 2013

MLDU Student Exhibition

Misse Tigerpaw sent the following notice:

team Ä・S・H & MLDU Presents

⁂•:._.:•⁂ MLDU student  Exhibition ⁂•:._.:•⁂
This is an Exhibition dance show using MLDU by 9 students who had been taking "MLDU class" for 3 months learning how to use MLDU dance HUD and SnuPoz(formation system) created and lectured by Snuma Whitefield.

The class was for everyone ! It didn't matter if they were dancers or not dancers but wanted to learn how to use this dance HUD and formation system. We had classes twice a month and it was difficult sometimes, but luckily we didn't have anybody drop out! I think it was fun to get together for this "Hands-on lesson"by the creator!

Also of course there were great supports from team A・S・H !
We are thankful for them to give us this opportunity and made this Exhibition happen!
So each student had worked so hard making a dance set and perform using MLDU!
We would love you to come to see what we can do with them !

DATE:October 18th(FRI)
Open:6:30 am SLT
Start:7:00 am SLT
Place: OTO no MORI EVENT space3

more information on team Ä・S・H blog:

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