Sunday, September 1, 2013

Burlesque Dance Contest

Vicky Yongbo sent this notice through the Burlesque Network group:

So You Think You Can Burlesque Dance Contest - sponsored by CWS (Classic with Style)

Event:  Party with music by DJ Wildrose Bijoux.
Dance contest - Best in Burlesque.
Date:  Saturday, September 14, 2013
Time:  1:00 pm/slt to 3:00 pm/slt

First Place will win L$5,000
Second Place will win L$3,000
Third Place will win L$2,000
This is a free for all so anyone can enter.

See Rules:

1.  Your dance and your outfit must be of the burlesque genre
2.  You must write a brief introduction to your dance using a theme that is in relation to your inner self/personality.  for example: how does this dance relate to your inner thoughts, personality, desires, dislikes, are you adventurous, are you honest, are you fun, observant, dependable, charming, trusting, etc.   It can be anything you like that might describe you as a person.  So you will want to select your music to fit the dance and your theme description.
3.  The contest will start promptly at 1:30, all contestants must be on the board by this time or you may not enter the contest.  The board will be closed and no late entries will be accepted.
4.  You may rez props if you like, but keep them simple, if they are too extravagant it will take away from your performance time to rez and set up.
5.  You will have a five minute time limit; this includes the time it takes for you to rez your props.  Time starts from when you are called out until you complete your performance.
6.  Judging will be based on your overall performance, which will include your outfit in relation to your dance; your description of your dance in relation to your theme; choreography of your dance to the music and if your music matches your theme and dance performance.  Points will be deducted for going over the five minute time limit.

So if you think you can burlesque, IM Vicky Yongbo!!

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