Witchport Maenads Seeking Dancers

Lady Jax sent the following:

I'm Lady Jax - The Witchport Maenads are recruiting!!
Shows start in July with a special event in June if you are ready and able.

The Maenads have great community support, a home crowd always makes great show. Witchport is a 1920's sim but we've gotten more mysterious, floating further into the mists. It's home to Radio Riel, with music being a big part part of our community's events.

Positions are available for dancers of all style that would complement the 20's. Burlesque, belly dancers & Asian in particular are sought but I'm open to anything. Also seeking an experienced dancer for a paid Asst Mgr position that will start in July. Responsibilities will be primarily assisting me with day of event backup for major events. Especially would love to see anyone interested in choreography, costuming, playwriting & building so we stand out in the Linden Arts Community. I'm willing to train those new to dance but possessing the desire to learn.

 I've founded a dance troupe that has been involved with events from dinner theater, fund-raising dancing, esp in Relay season &  theater. I'd like to do more of this. Being able to emote is key.
 I've been lucky to work with ladies that balance being lovely, charming, never tacky &  are gifted story tellers. If this describes you, send me a notecard with some info on your background in dance, why you want to dance & we'll set up a time to meet.

Dancing always,
Lady Jax ( Jacquelene Galthie)


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