Serendipity Dance Group Seeking Dancers

Isabelle Mavendorf sent the following notice: 

We are a small, but hopefully growing dance troupe in search of dedicated dancers to perform at the yet to be named Opera House at Montmartre Plaza in Upper Fenland.   We are new but have big plans and a BIG stage to go with them. Teleport to the theater and click the sign to join our group. 

Our Opera House is complete, our first play is close to being done and we are in need of many more dancers. What's in it for you? First, you will have fun and have many opportunities to show your creativity in a number of ways. Second, you can learn skills that will help you in other areas such as modeling, building and more.

Watch us in action: http://vimeo.com/62120936

To join our group search Serendipity Dancers or TP to the Opera House and click the Vaudeville sign, then follow the instructions presented in local chat or send me an IM and I will invite you.



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