Theater Dramatique Recruiting

Theater Dramatique is a resurgence of the now defunct Dramatiques Performance Troupe.  Many of the original cast are included and will be carrying forward our unique vision of Second Life performance.  We are a company who enjoys a wide variety of performance styles to include all types of dance, variety shows, and plays.  Constantly striving to "push the envelope" of Second Life constraints we include beautiful stage lighting effects, particle displays, and anything else the amazing content creators of Second Life can entice us with. Our new theater is located on LEA2 and will be available for use by other performance groups if it is available.  All inquires should be directed to Dante Couerblanc, Founder, either by note card or IM.

LM: Theater Dramatique

Theater Dramatique, a resurgence of Dramatiques Performance Troupe, is returning to the stage in mid May with many of the original cast carrying on our unique vision in performance.  Thanks to the Linden Endowment for the Arts our theater is already in place and we prepare for our first show.  We are currently recruiting for the following positions:

1.  A choreographer WELL versed in the use of the Spot On dance system and the Barre HUD. This person will also fill a dancer's slot if they so desire.

2.  Two female dancers (one might be the choreographer) preferably with experience but I will train the right person(s).

3.  A host or hostess who has above average people skills relative to a sophisticated setting  and is comfortable in couture clothing.  This position is also an entry level into the troupe for a future dancer should an existing one leave.

Please contact Dante Couerblanc either by note card or IM for an application.


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