Friday, April 5, 2013

Guerilla Burlesque Holding Audition

Guerilla Burlesque is auditioning for an experienced soloist to take up a regular slot in their May-July roster. If you're interested, please read the information below and contact chryblnd Scribe before April 12th to apply. Guerilla Burlesque will be holding auditions to fill a regular soloist vacancy in the current roster. The auditions are open to both male and female dancers.

Read the notecard titled "Do You Want to Dance with Guerilla Burlesque?" for more information about the troupe.  (NC in DQ daily notice.)

*** To fill the position we currently have available, we will be seeking an experienced dancer with access to a good builder. We do not have a vacancy for a dancer-in-training at this point.***

If you wish to submit your name to present an audition, please provide the following information on a notecard, save it, and return it to chryblnd Scribe before April 12, 2012. Please rename your card to include your own name, so that she can find your details on the day of auditions.

Audition Info:  Guerilla Burlesque Auditions 4/21/2013
Avatar Name:
Avatar Age:
What time zone is your real life in?
Previous Experience in a dance show in SL:
Do you use a dance hud? Which one?
Have you been to a Guerilla Burlesque show?
Do you currently hold any other jobs in SL, or commitments that might interfere with your availability?
Please list the names of two avatars who would be willing to provide a character reference for you (you will be advised if we intend to approach your references)

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