Date Change for 'SL Got Talent' Show

Zhaza Zerbino sent the following update regarding the 'SL Got Talent' show:

Hejsa ;o))

I have decided to hold a Talent Show!

 Saturday 4th May 12.30 - 4.30 pm   (Notice new time!!)
(old date was Saturday 20th April 2013)

First of all... this is NOT a contest and you can not win anything.
It's just a Talent Show, where you can show others your talent!!

Let me explain:

There will be a stage  that you have to use (like any talent show) and you are supposed to use that stage. This will make the lag less and focus on what your talent is, and not your skill of stage building. You can use props, but you can not "hide" the back drop. Take a look at the stage if you like.

LM:   http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Holmfrid/210/212/1024

You are supposed to choose one song (or 2 short ones) but your show may not take longer then 10 min. The Talent Show is for ANYONE who wants to show his/her/their talent. It can be dance, singing, magic, stand up comedy, or any act you could think of. The only rule is that you have to entertain people and no nudity or anything that might be considered as offensive.

You can join as a group or solo, but that same group/solo should not come on stage twice. You can "split up" your group and let people do their own thing, or make ½ groups etc etc. For more info and time slots, look at our homepage http://pinkladydancers.webs.com.

The SL Got Talent theater will be set up in a good time, so you can see how it looks.  (keep an eye on the homepage or join .:The Blue Lagoon:. group for updates.)

I know SL has a lot of talented people... so come and show your talent!!

If you want to join, then send a message to Zhaza Zerbino or Angel Supermarine. We will send you a note where you can fill in the INFO we need.


Knuzzer ZZ ;o)

(Zhaza Zerbino)


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