Monday, April 29, 2013

Attention Dance Group Leaders and Dance Venue Owners!

Babypea von Phoenix sent the following information:

Greetings, Dance Kings and Queens!

Hope this finds you happy and well!  This is a little report to let everyone know what is happening regarding dance groups and venues that host dance shows.  It was decided that the only groups that will be listed on the website database will be dance groups that are active, and venues listed will also be active venues that currently host dance shows.

I have gone through each group that was listed on the website as unknown or no longer active, and attempted to confirm this by contacting the owner or manager via both IM and NC.  Unknown and inactive groups have been removed.  I am now sending out a NC requesting updated info for each active group, and venues that host dance shows.  As I receive replies, I will update the database.  If you receive one of these NCs, please take five minutes to fill it out and drop it back to me so that I can complete this mission.

It is our goal to have a current list of all active dance troupes with additional information that will foster networking opportunities and good community relations.  If you know of an active SL dance group or venue that hosts dance shows that is not on the spreadsheet, please IM me and let me know.  If I do not reply within 24 hours, please contact me again, as sometimes messages get lost in cyberspace.

Warm Regards,

Babypea (PocketPusssy Bikergrrl)

NC information:

Greetings!!  I know you're busy but... I have been given the task of updating dance troupes on the Dance Queens website.  Please take five minutes to complete this NC and return to me, so that I can update your group and provide us all with a current comprehensive listing of SL dance groups.  I am hoping this will be a great resource for all Dance Kings and Queens.  Thank You!!

Babypea (PocketPusssy Bikergrrl)

1. Troupe Name:

2. Troupe Owner or Leader:

3. Group joiner URL if you have a group that is open to the public:

4. If your troupe has a club or venue, please place the LM to it here:

5. Do you have a venue that hosts shows performed by other dance troupes?

6. If you have a venue that hosts shows performed by other dance troupes, please place the LM here:

7. Is your troupe available for bookings for outside venues and shows?

8. Does your troupe teach or offer training for dancers?

9. Please list any video URLs of your troupe that you'd like to share here:

10. Picture of your troupe or logo if you have one:

11. URL of your troupe's website if you have one and would like to share it:

12. Any additional info that you'd like to share about your troupe:

We'd like to make sure the information we are providing is as accurate as possible, so please take a few minutes to update your information.  Thank you!

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