Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Cutie Awards Poll

Below is a poll over this year's Cutie Awards.  In order for your responses to be counted, you must include your SL avatar name for verification as a DQ group member. Only DQ members with both Dance Queen/Dance King titles will have their responses counted. 

The poll results will be posted on the blog Saturday, Feb. 9, 2013 by 8am SLT.  If you are ok with your name being posted along with your responses, simply fill out the form below and you are done.

If you are uncomfortable with your name appearing alongside your responses, please do the following:

Choose an 8-digit code for yourself (like you did when nominating/voting for the Cutie Awards).  Email your new code and your SL avatar name to  Enter your code in the box on the form where it asks for your SL avatar name and submit your responses.  I will not reveal your name without your express permission if you choose this option.  

I cannot send a notice through the DQ group, but I will send a group IM notifying members of the poll.  I know that will not reach everyone, so if you could spread the word as well, it would be appreciated.  I would like for as many DQ members as possible to voice their opinions.

Thank you!


  1. I don't know anything about the process. Maybe a paragraph or two should have been included with the Poll? Then you might have had a Poll question for each part of the process.

  2. I like this idea of a poll but I think that question 2 needed more options. While I was generally happy with what was done, I do think that there are some changes that need to be made just not a complete overhaul of the process

  3. More about the process here : - First link in the post.

    Was updated a few times in the updates, but the first link covers it. :)

  4. Just to clarify - choosing "I am generally happy with the process" will NOT be taken to mean that you think everything went off perfectly or that no changes need to be made. It seems logical to first determine if a complete overhaul is called for, or if smaller changes are in order. Once that question is answered, I hope to proceed based on the poll results.

  5. I agree with Kat and Chewie. Also I have issues with the way some individual handled things I feel not in the way that it was intended. Sometimes you can't help things not going as planned but you can handle the emergencies and the unexpected with better communication.

  6. Communication can be tweaked for next year. Agree it needs a slight adjustment, mostly with people IM'ing the wrong person (me! ^^). On the upside, there were only 2 or 3 emergencies the whole night? None lasted longer than 2 minutes :)

    Will stick that on the NC I got for N2.

    ~ Nai