Saturday, February 9, 2013

Cutie Awards Poll Results

Below you will find the results for the poll over this year's Cutie Awards.  The results are...interesting.  Given all the drama and vitriol expressed on the blog over the past several weeks, I expected that many more people would respond.  The DQ group has over 500 members.  Only 27 people responded.  The lack of response would seem to indicate that while this issue may be a hot button for a few people, it does not seem to be for a majority of the group.

Of those 27 responses, 3 people responded using a code, but did not email me their SL avatar name (meaning I could not verify their membership in DQ).  Their responses are not included, nor are the responses of 1 person whom I also could not verify as a member of DQ.  That means 23 verified members responded.  For those who are mathematically inclined, that means approximately 5% of the group members participated in the poll. 

The results of the poll will, I am sure, be questioned.  However, if group members do not voice their opinions, it is impossible to take those opinions into consideration when planning and executing events such as the Cutie Awards.  

When asked "Do you think the Cutie Awards should be held again next year?" - out of 23 responses, only 3 people responded "No."  The results indicate that the majority of the group members who participated in the poll (87%) would like to see the Cutie Awards held again next year. 

When asked "How do you feel about the process of this year's Cutie Awards?" - out of 23 responses, only 6 people felt that the entire process should be overhauled.  The results indicate that the majority of the group members who participated in the poll (74%) were generally happy with the process of this year's Cutie Awards.

Based on the results of the poll, members would like to have the Cutie Awards again next year, and most do not see the need for a complete overhaul of the process.  That does not mean, however, that changes do not need to be made.  The next logical step would be to ask for group member input on what those changes should be.

I am willing to break down the process into its various components and figure out a way to get feedback from the DQ members in order to identify what areas need changed, and what those changes might look like.  Based on the response to this blog poll, I am not sure if this is the best way to get feedback, so I am certainly open to other ideas on that issue as well. 

View the results of the poll here.  


  1. Thanks Kat! :)

    Next step? Seeing as DQ has a year before next awards, wait a few more weeks to see if Nottoo comes back and ask her for her thoughts. Shes the one with all the experience and who better to ask questions regarding it? :)

    ~ Nai

  2. Well the amount of DQ members who responded should be an indication to you that the vast majority of us had not heard any negativity about the Cutie awards at all. Other than what continues to be posted on the blog, we just believed it was a lovely award show. I assume many are just skipping right over any entry about it.

    Let's just go back to talking about dancing, shall we? DQ is DANCE Queens, not DRAMA Queens.