Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Cutie Awards 2014 - To Be Or Not To Be?

I have some questions regarding the Cutie Awards.  It was my understanding that, although the nominations could be for anyone in SL, only DQ members could make nominations and that only DQ members would be voting.  The Cutie Awards were named the “Dance Queens Cutie Awards,” correct?  Not the “Second Life Cutie Awards”? 

I truly do not understand all the drama, and the effect it has apparently had on Nottoo saddens and angers me.  Is this ‘Anonymous’ even a member of the DQ group?  The awards were always presented as ‘DQ Awards’ and as an attempt by the DQ group to recognize talent in the SL dance community (as the nominees did not have to be DQ members).  Am I missing something? 

Perhaps the fault lies with the DQ members.  It certainly doesn’t lie with Nottoo.  I am a DQ member.  I did not nominate, I did not vote, and I did not attend the awards ceremony.  In retrospect, I now regret my apathy.  I was overwhelmed at the thought of trying to single out nominees from the huge pool of talent I have seen, as well as the huge pool of talent I haven’t.  I should have at least made an effort.

I thought (and still think) that the DQ Cutie Awards were a terrific idea, and that the whole process was pulled off as beautifully and as impartially as possible.  Did I expect the process (given that it was the first year) to be problem-free?  Of course not.  But I trusted (and still trust) Nottoo to have everyone’s best interests at heart. 

Did I think some individuals/companies/troupes/businesses had an advantage?  Yes.  Did I have any better ideas?  Nope.  I was nominated for an award.  Did I wish I had more ‘documentation’ for myself?  Yes.  Do I think it would have made a difference in the outcome?  Nope. 

I didn’t win a Cutie Award.  Am I going to abandon DQ and dancing?  Nope.  Am I going to whine and complain because I lost, even though I provided absolutely no input on the process?  NO.  Am I going to work harder this year, knowing that I might get nominated and perhaps win next year?  You betcha. 

While I appreciate Yummy’s approach to the problem (and those who provided her with their opinions/ideas), I’m wondering if this is all much ado about nothing.  I understand that there are issues from this year which would still need addressed before next year.  However, from what I’ve read, they seem to be small issues, rather than ones that require starting the process over from square one. 

Are there really that many DQ members who are upset with the process and awarding of the Cuties this year?  Maybe we (as DQ members) should take a step back and find out.  A simple poll, perhaps, asking members whether they think the Cuties need a complete overhaul before next year, or whether most of us are happy with the way things went this year?  If there is a huge cry for an overhaul, then the next steps could be taken.  If there isn’t, why do all that work for nothing?

I am willing to put together the poll and post it on the blog.  The poll would require that respondents give their SL avatar names so that DQ membership could be verified.  This requirement would prevent non-DQ members from having their responses counted (which seems appropriate to me, given that only DQ members were nominating and voting on the awards in the first place). A simple "yes, I'm generally happy with the process this year" or "no, I think the entire process should be overhauled." The results could be posted either with names shown or not.  

 If I'm out in left field on this one, please let me know.  Just not 'anonymously.'  :-P


  1. Hiya Kat,
    What a breathe of fresh air!

    A simple "yes, I'm generally happy with the process this year"

    Yes, I am....

  2. Simple poll is a grand start Kat. :)

    Would suggest a simple 'should there be another awards show - Yes or No' as a first poll. No matter how its done there’s going to be drama. :)

    ~ Nai

  3. oh I agree with Kat ... let's start by discerning whether there IS a problem.

    A simple question simply asked. And then proceed based on what we learn from that.

  4. Hit the nail on the head Kat. Brava!

  5. I completely agree Kat! Thank you.

  6. Onward and Upward for the better! Thank you!