Thursday, February 28, 2013

Catalina Staheli - New Blog Columnist

Catalina Staheli - New Blog Columnist 130228

I am delighted to announce that Catalina Staheli will soon begin writing blog posts on the DANCE QUEENS blog.

Catalina is a Gorean dancer as well as a Burlesque dancer. She will focus on Gorean dancing, but I expect she may write occasionally about Burlesque or other dance subjects too. I do not know much about Gorean dancing and am looking forward to learning more about this style of dancing particularly the use of emoting while dancing.

I am also pleased that Catalina is doing a column because it will emphasize a specific type of dancing in SL. DANCE QUEENS has had a fairly general focus and I think that there is plenty of room for articles, education and details that are more focused on the different styles and types of dancing. I dream that Catalina will have great success and encourage those of you in other areas, such as ballet, show, Geisha, etc. to author columns too. It's part of making DANCE QUEENS even more useful.

So, please welcome Catalina.


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