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BALLET PIXELLE® Presents "En Passant"

BALLET PIXELLE® Presents "En Passant" 130223

Inarra Saarinen sent us this invitation ...


Second Life -- March 1, 2013

Ballet Pixelle® will premiere its fourteenth original ballet, “En Passant”, Sunday, March 3 at 5:00 pm and Wednesday, March 6 at 2:00 pm 2013. 

"En Passant" explores being human and having free will versus machines and automation using a game of chess.  "En Passant" ("in passing") is a move in chess where a pawn can be captured in an out-of-the-ordinary way -- just like life can catch us when we least expect it.  It it the story of what kind of chess piece or character you start out with and the many different moves, or decisions, you make in life.  The choices of courage, cooperation, as well as rashness and lack of foresight all change the game  Sometimes a bold move takes someone out of the game entirely and they are gone.  

Discussions following all performances.

Performances take place on Sundays at 5:00 pm and Wednesdays at 2:00 pm at the Ballet Pixelle® Theatre:

Come early because seats fill quickly.


Ballet Pixelle® is the first performing ballet company in the virtual global community Second Life®.  Says the Company's founder, Inarra Saarinen, “As artistic director of the Company since its inception, I have enormous pride in Ballet Pixelle®.  Our goal is to investigate and explore the interaction and intersection of physical and virtual dance.  We are excited to celebrate the future of dance.  We are dancing into the digital future!”

Members of Ballet Pixelle® come together from all over the world, including Japan, Europe, and North America. Animations are created by Inarra Saarinen and put into dance phrases.  There are no artifical synchronizing devices and the dancers truly perform dancing with each other and the music.  Each performance is truly live and unique, and takes advantage of the characteristics of Second Life® to extend the art of the ballet in new directions.


For More Information

For more information on Ballet Pixelle®, search for the group "Ballet Pixelle" in Second Life and join the group to receive notices of all performances, auditions, newsletters, and other news and invitations.  There is also a Subscribe Service in the theatre which allows you to receive notices without joining the group.

Our web site is:

Machinimas (videos) and information on previous ballets, information on auditions, current Company members' bios and photos, newsletters, press and reviews, etc. are available on these sites.

For Ballet Pixelle® work done under the name Second Life Ballet you can search YouTube for Second Life Ballet or see the website.

Or write




"En Passant"

Story, Choreography, and Animations by Inarra Saarinen
Music Composed and Performed by Solary Clary                        


Amelie Dibou
Aiyana Tripsa
Alessandra Eberlain
Deyna Broek
Dubhna Rhiadra
Luci Yokosuka
Patros Zifer
Sherainbow Merlin
Tik Merlin
Tinka Bondar
Vivienne Darcy

Set Design                Leko Littlebird
Scripter                      Tik Merlin
Sound Engineer        Willis Rossini  
Costume Mistress     Blanche duBois

MC Coordinator        Tinka Bondar
Ushers                        Anaid Daviau (Coordinator), Alexa Sideways
Build                           Espresso Saarinen                   
Roadies                     Espresso Saarinen

Company Coordinator Vivienne Darcy
Ballet Mistresses          Amelie Dibou,  Vivienne Darcy 
Rehearsal Assistants   Patros Zifer, Tik Merlin
Animations Assistant   Amelie Dibou

Financial Manager      Calia Cachin

Playbill                         Espresso Saarinen
Machinimatographer Pia Klaar
Photographer             Leko Littlebird
Writer                          Gershom Wycliffe
Artistic Director         Inarra Saarinen

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