Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Cutie Awards Nominees - Hosted Show

The Cutie Awards Nominees - Hosted Show 130109

One of the challenges that the Nominations Committee has and eventually you as voters will have for selecting the Cutie Awards winners in each category is seeing the performances. Documentation is not yet what we want it to be. One of the suggestion made during the process is to have hosted events in which nominees are invited to perform so that the Nominations Committee members and voters can see the performances if they choose.

Tiviyah has contacted me to arrange the first of these hosted events. Here is her notecard published with her permission ...


To: Nottoo Wise, Owner, Dance Queens
From: Tiviyah Resident, Performer, Dazzlers Inc


I'm bouncing around all excitedly, and I think you will too here soon!

I spoke with Pyper in a "Random question..." type manner, and asked if we as Dazzlers had considered hosting an exhibition for nominees for the Dance Queens Dance Awards this year... from what I understand, our theatre is still a new thing, and so what better way to show it off and help the dance community, right?!  That, and I'd read on the blog that no one had volunteered and I've been kicking myself for not having a sim big enough to volunteer myself.  *Gigglefits*

Soooo... what I'd like to do... and I have Pyper's permission to do so... is to figure out with you and the Nomination Committee what are good days and times, in a general sense (i.e. Weekdays in the evening, no Thursdays, or Weekdays anytime, no weekends, etc) to try and pull something together for our nominees for shortly after nominations close.  I'd like all nominees to be given the opportunity to participate, so doing it before nominations close might leave a few people out.  BUt because there's so little time between nominations closing and the awards ceremony, I think I should kinda kick off the planning stages now, so that everything can fall in place by the time we need it done.

If you're still interested in this kind of event, could you noteacrd me back (or IM me if you read this when I send it to you... haha!) and let me know some good times for you?  As soon as I hear from you, I'll start looking up the committee members and notecarding them for their days and times.  I understand not all will be able to make it, but I'd like to choose a day and time that's good for at least a few members.  :-)

Peace, Love, and Dance
Tivi Darkfold (Tiviyah Resident)
Performer, Dazzlers Inc.

Tiviyah and I talked and soon she will announce on the blog a date and time for the hosted event. If you are a nominee and wish to perform you will be able to contact her.

Thank you, Tiviyah xxx.

If others would like to also host events for nominees, let me know.


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