Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Dances at A&M

New Dances at A&M 130105

Jariah Yuhara sent this to the A&M Group today ...


Hello, everyone - I wish for all of you a healthy and prosperous 2013.
Now that I've dug myself out of the snow, the notice that was due out /last/
weekend is as follows:

║  We are pleased to announce the release of the first 8 Group/Line dances that
║  are now available in the Group dance bay:
║  GD_02_Gangnam Girl   (Gangnam Girl dance for 7 using *Gangnam Girl)
║  GD_03_Gangnam Style  (Gangnam Style dance for 7 using *Gangnam Style)
║  GD_06_Good Time  (Country line dance for 7)
║  GD_07_TribalFusion1  (Group dance for 8 with 2 unique animations)
║  GD_08_TribalFusion2  (Group dance for 8 with 2 unique animations)
║  GD_10_Balinese (Group dance for 7)
║  GD_12_Party Rock (Group dance for 7 with 2 unique animations)
║  GD_13_Gypsy  (Group dance for 7)
║  These efficiently-scripted, low-lag devices are offered in infinitely copyable
║  versions that will synchronise with other rezzed instances of the device using
║  the chat command  "/1sync"

║  They are modify for you to change the appearance of the prims and the
║  location of each individual dancer to suit your personal or club needs.

║  Powered by our friends at Black Tulip offers a variety of resources and tools to bring your ║  creative fantasties to life! 
║  We hope that you enjoy using these as much as we have enjoyed bringing
║  them to you.
║  Those who graciously participated in the group dance photoshoots, please
║   bear with us as we sort thru the lists and get packages delivered over the
║   course of the weekend! :) Thank you all again!
║  Two new singles dances are available in the International bay:
║  01_Flamenco and 02_Flamenco,  These moves are suitable for both male
║  and female avatars.

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