Friday, January 25, 2013

DANCE QUEENS Dance Awards - Update 8

DANCE QUEENS Dance Awards - Update 8


The voting is over ... the excitement is mounting ... two days til the GREATEST, the FUNNEST, the FIRST CUTIE AWARDS.

... and here is an update.

Of course, you have already read the zillions of pages, instructions, comments, and assorted blah blah about the awards. If you haven't, don't worry .. it's too late. Now, all you have to do is find a suitable outfit for the gala event.

Here I am practicing my arrival with the already assembled paparazzi. I'm wearing the sexy, yet sophisticated red dress that I got especially for this event. It goes well with my "Nottoo's Famous 2005 Color Changing Shoes" that I have switched to black, and my low script short hair from Tuty's. My script count ... a stunning 40 ... well below the 100 target.

Next, I check out the photography studio in the lobby area of the theater, and take a few shots to show my future grandkids fifty years from now.

After that I take a peek at the 2012 Cutie Program.  You will get one tomorrow with your DANCE QUEENS Daily Notice so you can read all about it before the event.

Of course, I verify that the event is SUNDAY at 6 AM (not PM). I set my alarm so that I can be there early, like 5:30 AM, when the landing point LM is sent out. I am thinking about wearing elbow pads so I can be sure to fight my way on to the sim because demand will be high for entry.

Next,  I look for a seat in the Audience area. I keep stopping for quick photos in this beautiful theater built by Riddle for this award event. Here I am by the sign directing audience members to their seats.

Here I am in the audience seating area looking down on the stage. WOW! Impressive.

Seven dance groups will be performing during the awards and they have been rezzing their sets, practicing their moves and generally getting ready to provide some superb entertainment.

Right now there are plenty of seats. All I have to do is sit. The seats are not scripted so I can use my AO sits If I want. Sitting avatars put less demand on the servers, so I am happy to have the opportunity to sit and help reduce lag. So, I sit and decide to check my IMs.

Hmmm, let's see, here's one from Naiki, who is the Master of Ceremonies. Hahahaah ... it's titled "PANIC \0/" ... I think I'll let that one pass for now. Next, are some from the Award Announcers. They want to know the details of what they will do. I'll send them detailed instructions soon for that. Wait, here's one titled "Another Issue!" Geez, will I ever escape these issues ... I put that one in my 2013 Process Folder to look at after the ceremonies. I was also hoping to see one or two IMs about parties after the event, but none have arrived yet. I wonder if I have spam IM folder that may have gotten those for surely someone wants to have a party with all the sexy dancers who will be here.

So, I am ready ...



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