Wednesday, January 16, 2013

DANCE QUEENS Dance Awards - Update 7

DANCE QUEENS Dance Awards - Update 7 (130116)

The Nominations for the DANCE QUEENS Dance Awards closed today at 6 AM. No more nominations will be accepted.

Sixty-five (65) people made nominations and I thank you for taking the time to do so and to provide the supporting documentation that will be used by the Nominations Committee to identify the seven candidates in each category.


The six members of the Nominations Committee have three days to make their selection of the top seven candidates in any category with more than seven candidates. Here is how they are doing it.


First, the Nominations Committee members have access to the entire list of nominations. All of the documentation that was provided on the nominations form plus any additional information that was given using the information request has been gathered and displayed by category for the Nominations Committee to see.


The rules for nominations are that only qualified DANCE QUEENS members can nominate, i.e. members as of 1 January 2013. Any nominations made by non-qualified members as determined by Xandi Mars will be removed.

The rules also state that only one nomination per person in each category is allowed. In a few cases several nominations  were made for the same category by one person. In these cases only the first nominee listed will be considered.

Also, the rules say the nominations are for 2012 work. There are also some nominations that the supporting documentation shows was done prior to 2012. The awards are for 2012 work so these nominations will not be considered.

Finally, some people, performances, things were nominated more than once in the same category by different nominators. These multiple nominations will be combined into one.

Not many nominations were disqualified and in most categories there are more than seven nominations.


Each member of the Nominations Committe has complete freedom to look at the documentation. If they choose to ask anyone for information, they can do so. They also have a means to communicate with each other if they so choose. The Nominations Committee members have agreed to keep their deliberations in confidence. They will not share their discussions, analysis or conclusions. Please don't ask them for details of what is happening.

If you look at the backgrounds of the Nominations Committee members I think you will see that they represent many different perspectives on dance in SL. I asked them to be on this Committee in part for that reason. I do not think that any of them knew the other Committee members. All of this was done to find a way to have as fair a way as possible to have a reasonable number of choices for the qualified DANCE QUEENS members to vote on. I chose seven as the maximum number of candidates for each award category.

I am sure that some of you may want to talk further about how the Nominations Committee works. If so, please contact me not the members of the Committee. When the 2012 awards are over, we will have a chance to think through how to do this in 2013.


Each Nominations Committee member can select up to seven candidates in each category with more than seven nominations. If the Committee member is nominated or a Group associated with the Committee member is nominated, the member will not be allowed to select in that category, i.e.Committee members cannot select themselves. The Committee member selections will be done in secret using a process similar to the nominations process. Xandi Mars will insure the secrecy and fairness of the process.

Once all the Committee members have selected or by 6 AM Saturday, 19 January, the top seven votes in each category will be identified as candidates for the DANCE QUEENS member voting.

The candidates in each category will be listed in the Voting Form in the order determined by the time/date the nomination was made. The first nominated will be first on the Voting Form. The Voting Form will not give any indication of how the Nominations Committee selected the candidates.


Voting begins sometime Saturday. Again, only qualified DANCE QUEENS members (members as of 1 Januray 2013) will be allowed to vote. When it is time for the voting, all of the documentation that we have on the candidates in each category will be available for you to see. I will publish another update at that time with all of the details.


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