Saturday, January 12, 2013

DANCE QUEENS Dance Awards - Update 6

DANCE QUEENS Dance Awards - Update 6

This is an update on the DANCE QUEENS Dance Awards (The Cutie) process. See here for previously posted information.


There are now 35 people who have made nominations. The process seems to be going well with only a few minor problems. One person experienced a technical problem with the form. If you have a technical problem, please let me know. I have seen that a few people are making more than one nomination in a category. Please keep in mind that you can make only one nomination per category. Any additional nominations that you make in the same category will not be considered.
  1. Nominations Form
  2. List of Nominees by Award Category
Nominations close on Wednesday, 16 January 2013 at 6 AM. Nominations made after that time will not be considered.


I think by the number of nominations already made that you can see that the Nominations Committee has a tough job reducing the number to a maximum of seven in each category. When you look at the nominations so far, some have a lot of documentation while others have little or none.

To help get all the documentation available I am requesting that anyone who can provide additional information about a nomination provide this information on the form below. If you are nominated for an award, please consider providing this information yourself. This form is not to make nominations. It is only to provide documentation that was not included on the Nomination Form. Documentation includes URLs, photos, videos, slurls, testimonials, articles ... anything that will help the Nominations Committee members understand the performance.

The input of this form will be assembled for the Nominations Committee to use in deciding the seven candidates in each category.


In addition to collecting documentation, there are Hosted Shows for Nominees to demonstrate their work. If you would like to host a show, please contact me.

By about 12 noon on Wednesday, 16 January I will assemble all the documentation for the Nominations Committee. They will then have until 12 noon on Saturday, 19 January to make their selections. As soon after that as I can, the Voting Forms will be available on this blog for qualified DANCE QUEENS members to vote. I plan also to put on the blog all of the assembled documentation about each candidate in each category.


I am still looking for a photographer for the Awards Ceremony and a person to type in chat what is said in voice. I will pay for this work, so please send me a recommendation if you know someone who can do this.

I am anticipating that there will be a lot of people at the Awards Ceremony. The dress is formal, but please come even if you are not. To help control lag at the ceremony, I ask that you keep your avatar script level below 100. You can check this at Dance Central with the Avatar Script Monitor.

The DANCE QUEENS Dance Awards are for DANCE QUEENS members and nominees. Please do not invite others to the ceremony. A sim can only hold so many people. With over 500 members in DANCE QUEENS, I want all the sim capacity for DANCE QUEENS members and the nominees.

I still have not heard about any after the Awards parties. If you plan one and want to invite people, let me know.


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