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DANCE QUEENS Dance Awards - Update 5

DANCE QUEENS Dance Awards - Update 5 (130108)

This note is an update on the DANCE QUEENS Dance Awards (The Cutie Awards) for 2013. Please see here for earlier info.


So far seven people have made nominations for The Cutie Awards. You can see the nomination form here and the nominations here. I have IMd with our process Manager, Xandi Mars, and she tells me that most people are sending her a notecard with the title containing an eight digit number and their name, for example, dH67bG69 Nottoo Wise. A few people have given her incomplete information and she returned the notecards to them.

You can see from the nominations so far that most people have not nominated in every category. You can nominate in as many or few categories as you wish, but you can only nominate one time.

I have asked Xandi to verify that the nominations made so far match a DANCE QUEENS member who was a member on 1 January 2013. Once I have the confirmation, I will add the word VERIFIED in column B on the nominations form.

We have added 13 new members since 1 Jan. I welcome those members, but you cannot participate in either the nominations or voting for this year. Of course, you are invited to the Awards Ceremony on 27 January.

So far there have been no volunteers to host a location for nominees to perform for the Nomination Committee and voters. If you wish to do this, please IM me so I can publicize it.

One of the Nominations Committee members, JeanBaptiste Eilde, suggested that all nominees be contacted to give them an opportunity to provide more information about what was done. I am in the process of developing this so all the possible information is available for the Nominations Committee and for voters.

The nominations close on Wednesday, January 16, 2013 (130116) at 6am SLT,


Nothing new here. They are ready to get to work on January 16.


The voting process will be done the same way as the Nominations Process. You will send an eight digit code and your name to Xandi Mars, then you can fill out the Voting Form. There will be 2 to 7 candidates in each category and you can vote for none or one only per category. Once you vote, you cannot vote again. The voting results will only be visible to Xandi and me. Xandi will verify that only qualified DANCE QUEENS members vote and only vote once. I will see the results to prepare for the DANCE QUEENS Dance Awards ceremony on 27 January. I will not be able to see how any individual voted.


I am really getting excited about The Cutie Awards ceremony. Una Milena has donated use of the LunaMar split sim site. Riddle has created his best build ever in the theater. We have the trophies ready and a few little surprises for you when you come. I even have a hot red dress picked out ... remember this is formal, but come even if you are not.

One of the things that is important in The Cutie Awards is to get involved a large number of people. Although I couldn't get everyone on the program, you will see the diversity of dance in SL in The Cutie awards. Here is the schedule:

2012 DANCE QUEENS Dance Awards
The Cutie

Sunday, 27 January, 2013
6 am

5:30 am - The Cutie Awards Theater Lobby is open but no seating until 5:55 am

6:00 am -  OPENING - OPENING NUMBER - *Special Dance Group (Diddy Hyun) - 5 min
Welcome by Nottoo Wise
Introduction of the Master of Ceremonies Naiki Muliaina

6:05 am - SET DESIGN - *Mily Sandalwood - 7 min
Best set design for a Burlesque Show (one song)
Best set design for a Production Show (multiple songs)

6:12 am - COSTUMES - *Ramona Criss - 10 min
Best costumes for a Production Show
Best costumes in a Burlesque Show
Best costumes for a dance video

6:22 am - CHOREOGRAPHY - *Misse Tigerpaw - 10 min
Best choreography to a specific song
Best choreography to a specific tempo (speed)
Best choreography in a video

6:32 am - ENTERTAINMENT - *Shadows Silhouette Dancers (Shadow Tarber) - 4 min

6:36 am - DANCE ANIMATIONS BY STYLE (animation created in 2012) - *Iliandra Allen - 13 min
Best dance - Couples dancing
Best dance - Celebrity dancing
Best dance - HipHop
Best dance - Historical and Traditional

6:49 am - DANCE PUBLICITY - *Aquilegia Gossipgirl - 13 min
Best poster/graphic about SL dancing
Best magazine or newspaper article about SL dancing
Best blog post about SL dancing
Best dance photo

=== 62 min

7:02 am - INTERMISSION 1 - 5 minutes

=== 67 min

7:07 am - DANCE SHOW 3 - *DAZZLERS (Pyper Dollinger) - 4 min

7:11 am - DANCE SHOWS - *Bernard Herzog - 10 min
Best Sound Mixing
Best Titles
Best Director

7:21 am - CHOREOGRAPHY - *Emelia Sinatra - 10 minutes
Best choreography in a show
Best choreography with emoting
Best non-dance choreography (use of animated poses)

7:31 am - DANCE CLUBS/THEATERS - *VikkiLynn Caproni -  13 minutes
Best Dance Club in SL
Best Dance Ball in a Dance Club in SL
Best Burlesque Theater in SL
Best Show Theater in SL

7:44 am - DANCE SHOW 4 - *Unity Productions (Pet Karu) - 4 minutes

7:48 am - DANCE ANIMATIONS BY STYLE (animation created in 2012) - *Montana Ballard - 13 minutes
Best dance - House and Jazz-AA
Best dance - Latin
Best dance - Novelty/Fad
Best dance - Performance

8:01 am - DANCERS - *Jariah Yuhara - 13 min
Best Burlesque Dancer
Best HipHop Dancer
Best Ballet Dancer
Best Couples Dancers

=== 134 min

8:14 am - INTERMISSION 2 - 5 minutes

=== 139 min

8:19 am - DANCE SHOW 5 - *Spirit Dance Company (Caryl Meredith) - 4 minutes

8:23 am - DANCE EQUIPMENT - *Xanthia Lisle - 7 minutes
Best dance equipment (introduced or modified in 2012)
Best New Dance Group (Formed in 2012)

8:30 am - DANCERS - *Derrick Stewart - 10 minutes
Best Gorean Dancer
Best Latin Dancer
Best Historical/Traditional Dancer

8:40 am - DANCE SHOWS - *Medora Chevalier - 7 minutes
Best Script
Best Musical Selection

8:47 am - DANCE SHOW 6 - *Virtual Burlesque (Slappy Doobie) - 4 min

8:51 am - DANCE ANIMATIONS BY STYLE (animation created in 2012) - *Chryblnd Scribe - 10 min
Best dance - Punk and Rave-Trance
Best dance - SL Unique (Air/Mermaid)
Best dance - Swing

9:01 am - FINAL AWARDS
Best dance overall - *Dubhna Rhiadra - 4 min
Best dance video - *Emyly Beaumont - 4 min
Dance Group of the Year - *Lat Lovenkraft (Yummy) - 4 min
SL Show of the Year - *Cordelia Cerise - 4 min
SL Dancer of the Year - *Racheal Young - 4 min

9:21 am - CLOSING DANCE - *The Pink Lady Dancers (Zhaza Zerbino) - 4 min

==== 205 minutes

I know you are laughing that I put minutes on the schedule until you saw the total number at the end ... 205 minutes. WOW, that's a long show. The reason it is so long is that there are 48 awards and seven entertainment segments. Naiki will have his work cut out for him, but at the same time it is a time for the winners to say what they want, so the schedule will probably last about two minutes into the ceremonies.

Both Florine Writer and Pia Klaar will make videos of the ceremonies. I have been working on finding a photographer for the show, but so far without success. If you have a suggestion for a photographer (for pay), please let me know. I also am looking for a typist who can put in chat what is said in voice.

So far I have not heard of any parties after the Awards ceremony. If plan one and want to invite people, let me know and I will publicize it.


This is the first time we have done The Cutie Awards and in some ways I am learning as we go along. I have gotten a lot of good feedback from DANCE QUEENS members about the process. I have also gotten some good, constructive criticism of different elements of the process. Once the Awards ceremony is complete, I will ask for volunteers to help define what the Cutie Awards process should be like for 2013.


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