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DANCE QUEENS Dance Awards Update 4

DANCE QUEENS Dance Awards Update 4 (130101)

I know I am overwhelming you with information about the DANCE QUEENS Dance Awards (The Cutie), but some of you may be interested in the details of what is going on,


There are now 519 members of DANCE QUEENS. You can see this by opening up the DANCE QUEENS group, selecting the Members&Roles tab, then clicking on the ROLES sub-tab. All 519 are listed with both the Dance Queen title and the Dance King title. Only people with both titles available to them will be able to nominate and vote. You can verify your name by selecting the MEMBERS sub-tab. Anyone joining DANCE QUEENS from now on will NOT be eligible to nominate and vote in the 2012 awards. If you leave the group and rejoin, you also will not be eligible to nominate and vote.

I am aware that there are some individuals and their alts who are members of DANCE QUEENS. I ask those of you who have done this to please nominate and vote only one time. This is a potential form of cheating that the current system does not stop :-(


There are a few additions to the categories. I list them here with a brief explanation of the category if needed.

  • Choreography - Choreography is the stitching together of dance animations and/or animated poses to make a sequence of dances. The choreographer is the person who does this.
    • Best choreography to a specific song
    • Best choreography to a specific tempo (speed)
    • Best choreography in a video
    • Best choreography in a show
    • Best choreography with emoting
    • Best non-dance choreography (use of animated poses)
  • Set Design - The set is the background and objects that the dancer/s use in a show.
    • Best set design for a Burlesque Show (one song)
    • Best set design for a Production Show (multiple songs)
  • Costumes - Costumes are the clothing or outfits that the dancer/s use in a show or video.
    • Best costumes for a Production Show
    • Best costumes in a Burlesque Show
    • Best costumes for a dance video
  • Dance Animations by Style (animation created in 2012) - Dance animations are things like swoon from Sine Wave or S4D_urban_193 from Studio4D.
    • Best dance - Couples dancing
    • Best dance - Celebrity dancing
    • Best dance - HipHop
    • Best dance - Historical and Traditional
    • Best dance - House and Jazz-AA
    • Best dance - Latin
    • Best dance - Novelty/Fad
    • Best dance - Performance
    • Best dance - Punk and Rave-Trance
    • Best dance - SL Unique (Air/Mermaid)
    • Best dance - Swing
    • Best dance overall
  • Dance Equipment - Dance equipment include things like the Huddles EZ animator deluxe or the INTAN.
    • Best dance equipment (introduced or modified in 2012)
  • Dance Publicity - Publicity includes any media that highlights SL dance.
    • Best poster/graphic about SL dancing
    • Best magazine or newspaper article about SL dancing
    • Best blog post about SL dancing
    • Best dance photo
    • Best dance video
  • Dance Clubs/Theaters - Clubs/Theaters are locations where dancing occurs or is given in a show.
    • Best Dance Club in SL
    • Best Dance Ball in a Dance Club in SL
    • Best Burlesque Theater in SL
    • Best Show Theater in SL
  • Dancers - Dancers are the individual avatars who dance in SL.
    • Best Burlesque Dancer
    • Best HipHop Dancer
    • Best Ballet Dancer
    • Best Couples Dancers
    • Best Latin Dancer
    • Best Historical/Traditional Dancer
    • SL Dancer of the Year
  • Dance Groups - Dance Groups can be one person to many people who give dance performances.
    • Best New Dance Group (formed in 2012)
    • Best Dance Group
  • Dance Shows - Dance shows are the performances given by Dance groups
    • Best Script
    • Best Musical Selection
    • Best Sound Mixing
    • Best Titles
    • Best Director
    • SL Show of the Year


    I have had the most conversation with members about documentation. I know this is frustrating for some of you. The last update (update 3) discussed this in detail and I have received another good suggestion to help with this. Anyone who is nominated will receive a brief questionnaire from me by notecard. The notecard will indicate that the person/group was nominated for an award and will ask for any supporting information that may help document what was done. I will collect this information and make it available to the Nomination Committee. For all candidates that will be voted on by members I will include all available documentation.


    The Nomination form will be published tomorrow on this blog. Since all the categories are there, you may want to separately make a list your nominations and the documentation supporting them while you think about it. Remember that once you click submit on the Nomination form, you cannot make any more nominations.


    I have been working on the schedule for the Awards Ceremony. I have divided the awards into groups (2 to 5 awards) and will be contacting various DANCE QUEENS members asking them to be the announcer for a group of awards. If I contact you, I hope you will accept the request to do this. It will not be a difficult task, but it will be meaningful. Part of my thinking behind this is to show the diversity of dancing in SL and I am trying to get many people together to demonstrate this. I also think it will increase the awareness and respect we have for each other.

    We also will have entertainment for the Awards Ceremony. I am in the process of arranging this. There will be seven brief entertainment time slots. Of course, I could not ask every dance group that is represented in DANCE QUEENS, so again I have selected seven that represent the diversity of dance in SL. If I contact you, please think about doing this. I have started this process and the response has been very positive.

    That's it for now.


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