Friday, January 11, 2013

Cutie Awards Nominees - Hosted Show 2

Cutie Awards Nominees - Hosted Show 2 (130111)

Chryblnd Scribe IMd me about a hosted show for Cutie Award nominees ...

[13:17:47] cherryblonde (chryblnd.scribe): hi Nottoo :-) We're doing a Best Of 2012 show tonight at Guerilla Burlesque, with many of the acts those that have been nominated for the Cutie awards. Is there any way you could let potential voters know?
[13:18:09] Nottoo Wise: hi chry xxx
[13:18:20] Nottoo Wise: sure can u give me the time and location info
[13:19:29] cherryblonde (chryblnd.scribe): sure can. Time is at 12am SLT (so in ten hours ish) at the Acuo Theatre on Idle Rogue


The timing of this show should be good for Austalia and Japan DANCE QUEENS members. I don't know the criteria chryblnd has for presenting, so IM her if you interested.


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