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Cutie Awards Nominees - Hosted Show 1

Cutie Awards Nominees - Hosted Show 1 (130109)

Tiviayah sent the details of the Hosted Show for Cutie Award Nominees. I am calling it Hosted Show 1 in case there are others. The dates are after the Nomination Committee narrows the candidates to 7 in each category in which more there are more than 7 nominees. Here are the details from Tiviyah ...


**Please read the following notecard about what we can offer you based on the category of your nomination.  If you are interested in participating, please fill out the RSVP notecard and return it to Tiviyah Resident ASAP**

Dance Queens Dance Awards, 2012 (The Cutie)

Announcing a nominees exhibition, hosted in the Dazzlers Inc. theatre!  We are offering TWO exhibitions... one that is intended to be a little more Euro friendly, and one in the evening for us USA people.

Part of the "complaints" this year is that some nominees might not have videos on youtube to show the nomination committee or voters, and that many voters may not have seen particular groups or individual nominees, thus skewing the vote in favor of those who have the capacity to record and publish their shows.  In response to this concern, the Dazzlers are opening their doors for an evening of dance and other exhibitions for the various nominees for this year's Dance Queens Dance Awards.

We are aware that not all categories are directly performance-related.  We're taking this into account in the following way:

--- Dance Performance Categories: You are invited to perform one choreographed routine on our stage.  Acts should be a maximum of 1 song, no longer than 5 minutes, please.  The only exception that will be considered is if you are nominated for "Best Choreography to a Specific Song" and that song is over 5 minutes.  But this will be on a case by case basis.  Please discuss these matters with Tiviyah Resident.

--- Set Design Categories: either for an individual act or a full show, and do not wish to scale your set for this particular stage, we will provide a photo display board for a few images of your nominated set.  Please limit photos to that of the set that is nominated, so people know exactly what they're voting on.  :-)

--- Costume Categories: If you do not wish to (or cannot, due to the time limit) perform the act associated with that costume/those costumes, you may still sign up to "perform" and come out to display those costumes to the audience.  This is by no means a high-end runway show, but we understand that you need to be able to display what you were nominated for.  :-)  If live display doesn't work either, a photo board can be provided, much like the set design categories.

--- Animation Creators: We understand that while you are amazing at creating animations, some of you may have no desire to choreograph with your animations and put on a performance based on your nominated animations.  For you, we have 2 options.  1.) We will provide a demo pose stand for you to drop in your nominated animations (please only keep it to those animations that were nominated, please) with an optional board behind it to show a few photos of those animations in action.  This way, interested parties can demo these animations before and after the show, or just look at the pictures.  2.) We will allow you to appoint a person to choreograph a routine that fits the time constraints of this live show using ONLY your nominated animations, and perform this routine on your behalf.

--- Dance Equipment: We can do the same as we're doing for the animation creators, with the opportunity to rez a demo version of your equipment, or we can take into consideration other ideas you may have about displaying what you were nominated for.  We will do our best to accommodate you, but not everything will be feasible.  Let's chat about it.  :-)

--- Publicity Categories: For those nominated for photos, we can provide a photo display board for you to display a few of your dance photos.  For other categories, we can provide a photo board for a single photo of your avatar, with a notecard giver with a copy of your article, blog post, a link to your blog or website, or whatever you'd like to put in there.  :-)

--- Clubs/Theatres: We can provide a photo display board for a few photos of your venue, as well as a box below it for a landmark giver to give a landmark to your venue for the purposes of going to check it out and see why you were nominated.  We do ask that blatant advertising be kept to a minimum, as the landmarks are for "judging" purposes only.

--- Dance Shows: Because these are full length productions that are obviously over the 5 minute mark, if at all possible, we invite you to perform one musical selection portion of that show that is under 5 minutes long, as a taste of that show.  If you have photos from the full production, we can set up a photo board for you, and if you have a youtube video of the full production, we can set up a notecard giver to give a notecard with a link to that video, but these two things are, by no means, required in order to participate with us.

--- Best Director: For those nominated for best director, we'd like to extend the opportunity for you to come up and speak to us for the 5 minute time slot about why you love doing what you do... what your inspirations are, etc... anything you feel is relevant to why you were nominated as Best Director.  :-)

Semi-Euro-Friendly Exhibition:
Exhibition Date: Sunday, January 20th, 2013
Exhibition Time: 2pm SLT (please arrive between 1 and 1:30pm SLT)
DJ'd By: Evil Scotsman (DJStu Nightfire) - Dazzlers DJ

Evening Exhibition:
Exhibition Date: Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013
Exhibition Time: 5pm SLT (please arrive between 4 and 4:30pm SLT)
DJ'd By: Evil Scotsman (DJStu Nightfire) - Dazzlers DJ

RSVP Notecard: 


Avatar Name (no display names please):
Preferred Name (display name or nickname, for introduction):

Today's Date:

Category(ies) Nominated For:
**Please note that individual performances in seperate categories (i.e. an individual dance for Hip Hop and Ballet by the same avatar) will only be considered if the time is available.  Please choose one category you'd like to perform and write that selection in for this option**

Will you be doing a live performance?
If so...
Song Title:
Song Artist:
Youtube Link:
** Music should be emailed to **

If not performing live...
Would you like a photo display board:
Would you like a notecard giver:
Would you like a landmark giver (club/theatre category ONLY):

Animation Creator nominees only:
Are you appointing an individual to choreograph a routine using ONLY your nominated animations?
If so, what is this representative's name?
If not, would you like a demo pose stand and photo board for your nominated animations?

Dance Equipment nominees only:
Would you like to rez some sort of demo:
If not, please explain your idea for what you'd like to do here:

Is there anything special you'd like us to say when we introduce you?

This event is being organized to promote the dance community as a whole and give equal exposure to some of those nominees who may not have this opportunity otherwise.  Bad attitudes or drama of any kind will be met with removal from this event.

Type your name here to indicate that you understand and agree:

**Please fill out this notecard completely, notating "N/A" where the categories don't apply to show you've read this statement and all fields, and return to Tiviyah Resident ASAP**


Please fill out the RSVP notecard and send to Tiviyah Resident ASAP.  We understand that this event is a little ways away, and some of you may be receiving this invitation last minute due to when you were nominated, but we'd like to have as much in place as we can as early as we can, so that we're all prepared.  :-)  Performances will occur in reverse order to when music is received (i.e. first person/group to send in their music will be able to perform last, etc.)

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