Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A&M Store Changes & New Releases

A&M Store Changes & New Releases 130129

Jariah Yuhara sent this note to the A&M Group today ...


Happy Monday, everyone

A few things this week:

The Information Center has relocated to the pit area.  This includes the Events
    board, DROP BOXES, the main TP board, the 3rd-party information kiosks,
    etc...in the NW corner just down the stairs from the LP.

The AO components, clips and all other Non-dance animations will be located
    in the pit, also in the SW corner.

Feel free to relax in the Chill Center, which is also located in the pit are, in the
    SE corner.

New releases are in their bays as indicated in on the events board and ALSO
    will be in the Info Center for an unspecified time.
Speaking of new releases...there is a new couples dance, CD_29_Romance 5, for
    you in the couples bay..and also at the Info Center.  Also, ladies, there is a
    a new "Stand" in the female AO components stand, this will not be in the Info
    Center, too, as the stand is JUST BESIDE the Info Center already.
Watch this space for more info soon,
The A&M Team

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