Saturday, January 19, 2013

2012 DANCE QUEENS Dance Awards Voting

2012 DANCE QUEENS Dance Awards Voting

The Nominations Committee has completed its work and the final candidates in each category are now listed for voting.


Any qualified DANCE QUEENS member can vote. A qualified member is anyone who was a member of DANCE QUEENS on January 1, 2013. All qualified members have access to two titles, Dance Queen and Dance King. Members who have joined after January 1 are not eligible to vote, but are invited to the Awards Ceremony on January 27.

To vote send to Xandi Mars a notecard with an eight-digit number and your name in the Title, for example FJ765d87 Nottoo Wise. You can then vote using the form below. You can vote for only one candidate in each category. Of course you do not have to vote for any candidate in a category if you choose. Once you click the submit button, you cannot change your vote or vote again.


As you make your voting decisions, you may want to consult the documentation on the candidates, which is listed in several online Google documents:

The Cutie Documentation - CHOREOGRAPHY

The Cutie Documentation - SET DESIGNS  and COSTUMES

The Cutie Documentation - DANCE ANIMATIONS

The Cutie Documentation - EQUIPMENT and PUBLICITY

The Cutie Documentation - DANCE CLUBS/THEATERS

The Cutie Documentation - DANCERS

THE Cutie Documentation - DANCE GROUPS

The Cutie Documentation - SHOWS

If you have additional documentation on any candidate, please enter it on this form.


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  1. The recognition of all peoples in the dance world of SL is a great event. We should all welcome such kudos, and hopefully year by year it will become more professional, and the voting process more true. The fact is that those who really deserve the recognition are spending all their time working hard doing what they do best and not ego selling themselves to the public, so many will not be highlghted here. Lets hope somehow this gets increasingly more accurate in its Award presentation for true skills.