Sunday, December 30, 2012

Showing You Dance Videos and Photos

Showing You Dance Videos and Photos 121230

You may have noticed that there have been a lot more dance videos and photos on the blog over the last month. I think you are beginning to see the diversity and creativity in SL dance. Videos and photos are also a good way to document the dance work that you do.

You may remember the 120626 post about a Video and Photo Archive for SL Dance and Skyspinner Soulstar's leadership of it. We had struggled with how to do this with the toughest part being finding the content. Well, we figured it out and now have a process for finding online content of SL dance videos and photos. What you have been seeing on the blog is the testing and result of the process.

So, effective today, well, we are continuing this under the leadership of Sky. You will see her first post soon. Of course the process we have still may mean we miss your video or photo, so you can send the URLs to Sky by notecard or email (

I want to say thanks to Sky for taking this on. It takes some effort to do it and I think her work will benefit all of us who dance in SL.


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