Monday, December 3, 2012



VikkiLynn Caproni sent us this invitation ...


YOU are ESPECIALLY INVITED to our GRAND OPENING of VL MegaProductions' first ever performance.  This is also the Grand Opening of the new Pine Valley Theatre!

Mark your calendar for SUNDAY, DECEMBER 16, AT 1 PM SLT !!!

The Grand Opening Performance will have the complete set of routines, lasting approximately 1 1/2 hour.  After the Grand Opening, the performances will be approximately 1 hour.
This is a Dance and Musical Production with such a variety that we hope you will come back again and again.  Our performances will be held every OTHER Sunday at 1 pm slt.

Here is just one page of the Program we will have available at the Theatre.

For a more enjoyable experience for everybody.. we will be restricting overindulgence of scripts etc.  There will be a script meter at the entrance to monitor everybody.  There will also be a greeter with the following notecard to help everybody reduce lag and try to see the dancing "in synch". We have placed our stage on a different sim than the Theatre to also help with lag. (So if  you want us to hear you.. you need to holler.)  There is the notecard we will be sending out at the entrance.

You received this invitation because you are on one of the Hoofer's friends list.  (For those that don't know or remember.. a "hoofer" is a dancer.. lol)  We hope you will be able to come and see your friend in this production.

If you are unable to attend our Grand Opening, our next performance will be held Sunday, December 30, at 1 pm slt.

VikkiLynn Caproni
VL MegaProductions

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