Sunday, December 23, 2012

DaQD - The Cutie Q&A

DaQD - The Cutie Q&A 121223

I've started to get some questions about the 2012 DANCE QUEENS Dance Awards (DaQD - The Cutie). The conversation below identifies some of the issues. I've removed the name of the DQ member.

[10:43:11] DQ MEMBER: Hiya Nottoo:)) WB!
[10:43:20] Nottoo Wise: hi DQ MEMBER xxx
[10:43:22] Nottoo Wise: :-)
[10:43:27] Nottoo Wise: happy holidays
[10:43:29] DQ MEMBER: Some of us have some questions about the Cutie awards.
[10:43:35] Nottoo Wise: sure
[10:43:37] DQ MEMBER: Feliz Navidad:)
[10:43:42] Nottoo Wise: :-)
[10:44:00] DQ MEMBER: Most dance companies do not have blogs, web sites or on line videos or their performance.
[10:44:11] Nottoo Wise: i know
[10:44:19] DQ MEMBER: How does this work if someone is nominated in any category?
[10:44:43] DQ MEMBER: And what are the "judges" responsible for judging if they have not seen a company's performance?
[10:45:13] Nottoo Wise: since we dont have any evidence like a photo or video we will have to go on what has been seen
[10:45:27] Nottoo Wise: the judges r only selecting the 7 nominees in each category
[10:45:37] DQ MEMBER: Yes but I know the current judges have never seen our performances.
[10:45:41] Nottoo Wise: it will be difficult this year
[10:45:52] Nottoo Wise: but i hope it will lead to more documentation for next year
[10:46:09] Nottoo Wise: they can ask others who have
[10:46:16] DQ MEMBER: So the judges select the 7 nominees based on?
[10:46:18] Nottoo Wise: for example when nominating a group for example
[10:46:32] Nottoo Wise: u can give some references if no other evidence is available
[10:46:43] DQ MEMBER: I see. Ok.
[10:46:51] Nottoo Wise: its is not an ideal system
[10:47:01] Nottoo Wise: but i think it will improve after this year
[10:47:10] Nottoo Wise: i will put all this in the blog
[10:47:15] Nottoo Wise: so everyone will know
[10:47:26] DQ MEMBER: Seems like those very few dance companies that have produced many shows and have videos on the internet will have an advantage.
[10:47:43] Nottoo Wise: i don't know how many nominations we will get in any category
[10:47:55] Nottoo Wise: yes they probably will
[10:47:58] Nottoo Wise: this year
[10:48:06] DQ MEMBER: Ok.  Well thank you for doing this. I know this is a lot of work.
[10:48:18] Nottoo Wise: it's with good intentions
[10:48:26] DQ MEMBER: Thank you for answering my questions. I will pass on the information to those that asked me.
[10:48:30] Nottoo Wise: to recognize those who really r good
[10:48:40] Nottoo Wise: and i hope we can make it improve us all
[10:48:53] DQ MEMBER: Well that is the key. "Those that are really good" and who sees them and judges them.
[10:48:59] Nottoo Wise: yes
[10:49:14] DQ MEMBER: Based on the DQ Dance Festival there are so many and we all did good.
[10:49:21] Nottoo Wise: i agree it puts u at a disadvantage even if u r among the seven nominated
[10:49:28] DQ MEMBER: And we all have improved and keep upping the bar.
[10:49:36] Nottoo Wise: since many of the voters will not have seen u
[10:49:42] DQ MEMBER: But it is sad that some won't get the recognition.
[10:49:43] Nottoo Wise: yes
[10:49:47] Nottoo Wise: it does up the bar
[10:49:53] Nottoo Wise: if u want to be recognized
[10:50:04] Nottoo Wise: but dancing doesn't have to be about awards
[10:50:12] Nottoo Wise: its for fun at the base of it
[10:50:22] DQ MEMBER: Perhaps in 2014 the system will allow for actual viewing of performances to DQ members for a more fair approach.
[10:50:34] Nottoo Wise: yes that's a good idea
[10:50:37] DQ MEMBER: Either way thank you so much for doing this.
[10:50:43] Nottoo Wise: i've had that suggestion already
[10:50:57] DQ MEMBER: You are right dancing in SL isn't about awards but let's face it, we are competitive lol
[10:51:05] Nottoo Wise: but the dance festival has shown a lot
[10:51:20] Nottoo Wise: yes i struggled with doing this
[10:51:30] Nottoo Wise: i don't like making winners and losers
[10:51:32] DQ MEMBER: Have a very happy XMAS dear Nottoo; and thanks again for your time:)
[10:51:37] Nottoo Wise: ok
[10:51:38] DQ MEMBER: Yes I don't either.
[10:51:40] Nottoo Wise: ty DQ MEMBER
[10:51:47] Nottoo Wise: may i put ur question on the blog
[10:51:54] Nottoo Wise: with or without ur name
[10:52:05] DQ MEMBER: Feeling like a "loser" is very demotivating especially because some of us in small dance companies try so hard.
[10:52:13] Nottoo Wise: yes i know
[10:52:27] DQ MEMBER: Yes but without my name please; I sound like "sour grapes".
[10:52:32] Nottoo Wise: ok
[10:52:41] Nottoo Wise: maybe we can make the grapes into wine
[10:52:46] Nottoo Wise: if not this year next year
[10:52:51] DQ MEMBER: I'm not really; I just am a bit of a mother hen protecting the feelings of her chicks LOL
[10:53:01] Nottoo Wise: :-))

These are real issues and I think this year many of these things will not be the way we want them. There is not good documentation of many performances, for example. The nomination panel has a tough job and not much time to do it. I am certain there will be disappointments with who is and who is not nominated, but this is a start on building a real process for recognizing performance.

In addition to the above conversation, I've had questions about voting, specifically who will be allowed to vote. On January 1 I will go through the entire list of DANCE QUEENS members and will mark each member with two titles, Dance Queen and Dance King. Most of you already have this choice. Anyone who joins the group after January 1 will only have the title Dance Queen until the voting is complete. Our Manager, Xandi Mars, will only count votes from members who are members on January 1, 2013, by looking at their group titles.

I know many more questions will arise and as I said in the conversation shown above, the process is not ideal. BUT, this is exciting and I am really looking forward to seeing what happens. Following the awards ceremony I will ask for volunteers to help design an improved version of awards for 2013. I expect that those who want to compete for an award in the future will find ways to document and publicize what they do.

In one sense the bar is being raised on dancing. Some of you want to be recognized by your peers, but I know some of you just want to enjoy dancing and an award means nothing. I'm hoping that DANCE QUEENS will be able to meet the needs for information and support either way you feel.

Send your questions to me and I will try to answer them.



  1. I suppose we might be considered one of the "bigger" troupes. I know I would love to nominate some of the acts the dancers in the troupe I manage have done, I think they have earned that recognition. Unfortunately, such videos as we have were created by a member of the troupe with an interest in machinima, and it has been her decision as to what she has wanted to film. That means there are not videos of many of the acts I think deserve nomination.

    I would like to suggest (and it is only a suggestion) that there be some demonstration events or heats that would allow people to see the acts. I think one of the very cool things about these awards is that they are voted upon BY DANCERS - so even if my troupe gets 80 avatars at a show, most of them are not group members and won't be voting.

    I would very happily host a "heats" event on Idle Rogue if members/nominees/judges and of course Nottoo were interested in this. I would not, however, be offering such things as split sims and lag meters. I can offer a lower lag sky venue, I can stream, and I have a bit of experience managing events. I would be happy to help and enthusiastic about getting to see the cream of SL dance in one space, though I grant, with the number of categories, this event would likely be staggered over several days. Perhaps it;s possible to hold different heats at different venues. In any case, it might be worth it to get this worthy competition going.

  2. Cherry I do think we should do this suggestion....