Friday, December 7, 2012

DANCE QUEENS Dance Awards Update

DANCE QUEENS Dance Awards Update 121207

The DANCE QUEENS Dance Awards (DaQD - The Cutie) for 2012 are set to be in action in January. I have been working on getting the awards process set up. Here are the details of what has been done:

DaQD Trophy

The winner in each award category will receive a DaQD trophy. The trophy will be no copy, no transfer, no modify and will be unique in SL. The trophy for each category will have the year (2012) and the category in a hover text above the trophy. Spume Shepherd will make the sculpted trophy. The pose for the trophy will be the one submitted by Tiviyah, since she is the only one to submit a pose. TY Tiviyah xxx. Here is a front and side view of the pose.

The pose is -LEAR- Pose 147 made by Allen Ewing and sold at LEAR.

Nomination Process

I have not selected the manager for the nomination and voting process yet. I am in the midst of doing this and hope to have the person identified in the next few days. She/he will not be a dancer, but will have credentials to manage the nomination and voting process fairly.

Here is a sample of the nomination form. Enter an example if you want. Here is a sample of the nomination spread sheet that everyone will see. The Manager will delete any entries that do not have an eight digit code assigned to a DANCE QUEENS member.

If there are more than seven nominations in any category, a special committee of DANCE QUEENS members will reduce the number to seven for voting. I have confirmed part of this committee and should have all the members identified soon. Committee memeres will only be able to decide on categories in which they are not a nominee.

Voting Process

I will put on the blog all nominations in all categories for you to see. I will include all the information I can for you to see the choices in each category.

To vote you will need an eight digit number assigned by the Manager. Voting will be done using a form similar to this one here.


DANCE QUEENS Dance Awards - 2012 - Voting



You will not be able to see the voting results. The Manager will verify that all votes are valid and remove those that are not valid (wrong code number). The Manager and I will then be able to see the winners in each category and I will prepare the award announcements for the awards ceremony.

Awards Ceremony

All awards will be announced at the ceremony on 27 January beginning at 7:00 am SLT. I will ask different DANCE QUEENS members to announce awards and the winners will be given a couple of minutes to speak if they choose. We will also have entertainment by some of the nominees. I am working on a schedule and will publish it soon.

Dress will be formal.


If you would like to give an award, let me know.


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