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DANCE QUEENS Dance Awards Update 3

DANCE QUEENS Dance Awards Update 3 (121230)

This note is an update of preparations for the 2012 DANCE QUEENS Dance Awards (DaQD Awards - The Cutie Awards). Previous updates and information are on the DANCE QUEENS Dance Awards page in the upper right of this blog.


On Tuesday, January 1, 2013 (130101) I will update the titles for all members of the DANCE QUEENS Group so each person has at least the possible titles of Dance Queen and Dance King. Anyone joining after this update will receive only the title of Dance Queen. In this way the Awards Manager, Xandi Mars, can identify who is eligible to nominate and to vote and who is not. Only members who are on the DANCE QUEENS list with both titles are eligible to nominate and to vote. If you leave the Group and rejoin you will lose the title of Dance King and not be eligible to nominate or vote after that time.

The entry form for the nominations will be available on January 2 (130102) and will be placed on this blog and announced in the DANCE QUEENS Daily Notice sent to all members.

If you want to make a nomination in any or all categories, you must MUST send a notecard to Xandi Mars with the notecard title DQ Your Name, for example DQ Nottoo Wise. Please leave the contents of the notecard blank. Do not send an IM to Xandi. Within one day, Xandi will return the notecard to you with contents like the following example:

Nominating B3g47M89
Voting dk9920Hb

Xandi is assigning a unique nominations code number and voting code number to each DANCE QUEENS member who requests it with a notecard. Only you and Xandi will know your code numbers.

When making nominations, use your Nominating code, B3g47M89 for example, at the beginning of the form. If you do not enter this code number or make a mistake, your nominations will be removed. Only DANCE QUEENS members using thier own nominating code number can make nominations. This process insures that only you and Xandi can know whom you nominated and only qualified DANCE QUEENS members can nominate.

When you are ready to make your nominations, use the online form. You may nominate one candidate per Awards category.. You do not have to nominate a candidate if you so choose. If you nominate more than one candidate in a category, only the first will count. When making a nomination, please be very clear about the name of the person, group, dance or object that you are nominating. Be sure that the nomination is for 2012. If the work or performance was first revealed in an earlier year, your nomination in that category will be removed.

There has been a lot of good discussion about documentation. Include in your nomination any details that will help the Nominations Committee and voters see or understand your nomination. These are things like URLs, YouTube or Vimeo videos, Flickr photos, slurls, etc. If you do not have this type of documentation, you may want to include names of people who are familiar with what you are nominating so the Nominating Committee members and voters can contact them for more information.

Since this is the first time we are having the Cutie Awards, the documentation of nominations will likely be not so good. For categories like dances, I will assemble them at a Dance Central for you to see. Things that are available by URL, like videos, will have good documentation. Unfortunately, documentation of performances is not good. At least three people have suggested either on the blog or directly to me that we have a way of viewing nominated performances. I did not anticipate the extent of the documentation issues and did not build a lot of time in the schedule process for viewing performances, BUT, I support a way for performances to be seen. Here is what I want to do for documenting performances:
  1. Any venue that wants to host dance performances that are nominated may do so. Please tell me so I can put the event on the DANCE QUEENS blog. You may invite Nomination Committe members, if you wish. You may also make videos and send the video URL to me by the close of Nominations on January 16 (130116).
  2. Please keep in mind, if you host performances, that the Nominations Committee may not attend. They have a RL and a SL and are scattered around the world.
  3. The hosting of Nominated performances should include as many of the nominations in that category as possible. I will not be able to help you beyond putting the event in the blog, since I am already full of things to do. You are responsible for managing all the hosted Nominations performances.
When we review the awards process, I am sure documentation will be an important part of the improvements we will make.

The nominations will be visible to all to see. I realize that the process of making nominations is not so easy, but I still expect that we will have at least two nominations in each category and probably a lot more.

Xandi will check each number that is used for making nominations and verify that only nominations associated with an assigned number are accepted. If there are questions, problems or complaints with the nominations process, do not contact Xandi, contact me only. 

At the bottom of the nominations form is the submit button. Once you submit your nominations, you cannot change them. Other than providing additional documentation, you can make no more nominations.

Nominations close on Wednesday, January 16, 2013 (130116) at 6am SLT.


On Wednesday, January 16, 2013 (130116) the Nominations Committee will begin their work. I have previously identified the Nominations Committee members and why they were selected. Last week I sent this note to each of them:

"This note card is going to the six people who agreed to serve on the DANCE QUEENS Dance Awards Selection Committee for choosing the 7 nominees in each award category. 

You are:
Diawa Bellic
Inarra Saarinen
JeanBaptiste Clemenceau-Eilde
Psyche Lunasea
Salacia Gustafson
SkyDiverPeni Fall

You likely do not know many of the other Committee members since I have tried to get people who represent the many different facets of SL dancing. I asked each of you to be on the Committee because you represent an important perspective on SL dancing. Thank you for being a part of this process.

(If you did not see the post at, please take a look.)

Your role is a difficult one. There are about 45 categories of Cutie Awards for 2012. I wasn't sure what level of excitement the Cutie Awards would bring, but I am getting a lot of discussion and questions about the Awards and I think the interest among DANCE QUEENS members is high. I now expect that most categories will receive at least 7 nominations. Your role as a group is to determine which 7 in each category are the ones that the DANCE QUEENS members should vote on. In other words you choose the best in each category for the voters to choose from.

Here is how I plan to accomplish this task. For each category you will get 7 votes. I will provide an online form that contains all the choices in each category. Xandi Mars, our Manager, will give you a number, for example, J39K734b that you will enter at the beginning of the form. That number only you and Xandi will know. This will let you make your selections anonymously and let all six Committee Members see the results.

The casting of your selection votes is the easy part. Deciding which 7 in each category is not so easy. There is a lot of discussion already about documentation of performances. This is the first time the Cutie Awards have been done and most people have not thought about ways to document what they have done. There are some ideas coming forth about having special performances for you and ultimately the voters to see to help you see performances. I am not sure yet how all this will be managed, but I expect that you won't be able to see everything that you want to make an informed choice.

Part of the doing something the first time is learning how to do it and I am sure performance documentation for dancing will improve significantly in 2013. To deal with this you can talk to people and talk to each other to whatever degree you want. You do not have to cast all seven votes in a category if you choose not to.

Adding to your challenge is that I did not anticipate the size of this documentation issue and gave not much time between the close of nominations and the beginning of voting. I am asking you to do a lot in a short time realizing that you cannot do it all.

As the nomination part of the process starts I will be in contact with you to help you see what you want and need to make your decisions.

All six of you will be able to see the votes you cast to decide the 7 nominees in each category. I ask you NOT to share this with anyone else. If there are complaints with the process or your choices I want those complaints to be directed at me, not at you. I also expect in some categories there will be ties for the seventh position. Although I am not a Committee member, I will decide among those that are tied for seventh, which is included in the voting.

If this is too much for you, please let me know. I will find a replacement for you and do it in a way that is positive for all concerned. I hope you choose to continue.

I very much want the Cutie to be significant for the dance community and you are playing an important part in it.


One of the most rewarding parts of leading DANCE QUEENS is the commitment to dancing that I received from the Nominating Committee members. They were not volunteers. I chose them to get the diversity of views that I felt dancing in SL requires. All six accepted this responsibility, but not lightly. I won't share with you the supportive responses that I received from the Nominating Committee members to the above note, but they it certainly impressed me that these six people want this to be meaningful.

The Nominations Committee will complete its work by Saturday, January 19, 2013 (130119). During this time I will be assembling documentation and preparing the voting forms. I plan to publish on January 19 blog posts for each category that identify the 2 to 7 nominations in each category and the available documentation for each. This is intended to give you, the voters, all the available information about each nominated candidate.


To vote you MUST have a voting code that you get from Xandi Mars. If you already received a Nominations Code, you also received a separate Voting Code in your notecard. If you did not get a Nomination Code, to vote you need to send a notecard to Xandi Mars with the notecard title DQ Your Name, for example DQ Nottoo Wise. Please leave the contents of the notecard blank. Do not send an IM to Xandi. Within one day, Xandi will return the notecard to you with contents like the following example:

Voting dk9920Hb

Xandi is assigning a unique voting code number to each DANCE QUEENS member who requests it with a notecard. Only you and Xandi will know your code number.

The voting will be done through an online form. At the top of the form you MUST enter your assigned Voting Code number. If the number is not entered or is not assigned, your vote will not count. You can then vote for one Nominated Candidate in each category. You do not have to vote in any category. Once you click the submit button on the bottom of the form, you cannot change your vote or vote again. If two votes are received with the same Voting Code number, the second will not be counted.

Xandi will verify that only qualified DANCE QUEENS members have voted. She is the only person who will have access to the Voting Codes. Both Xandi and I will be able to see the voting results. The results will not be public until announced at the Awards ceremony on January 27, 2013 (130127). I will see the winners so I can prepare the content of the announcements that the Awards Announcers will make for each category. Xandi will know the results and confirm that the announced winner actually received the most votes.
Voting will end on Friday, January 25, at 9 am SLT.

If you have questions, problems or complaints about the Voting Process, contact me not Xandi.


The Cutie Awards Ceremony will begin at 6 am on Sunday, 27 January, 2013 (130127). I have changed the time by one hour to make it easier for people in the night end of the world (Japan and Australia, for example) to attend. This is quite early for those of you in the morning end of the world (western USA and western Canada), and remains in the middle of the night for Hawaii, Alaska and New Zealand. I realize that this is early for some of you, but I think it is easier for people to attend by getting up early on a Sunday morning than it is for people to stay up very late on a Sunday night when they have to work the next day.

The Cutie Awards Ceremony have been changed to LunaMar Performing Arts Center. Una Milena has offered the split sim center for the ceremony and I am delighted that we will be located there. A special auditorium and stages using the split sim capabilities are under construction now led by Riddlebox Ribble. I've seen the construction so far and I think you will find the theater very appropriate for a ceremony of this magnitude. An LM and SLURL will be sent just prior to the Ceremony.

The theater will be open at 5:30 am SLT or 30 minutes prior to the beginning of the Cutie Awards. The dress is formal, but I would rather have you there in your blue jeans than not at all, so please come. I expect a large crowd, so please keep your script level below 100. You can check your scripts at Dance Central using the Avatar Script Monitor. Jewelry and shoes are script hogs so please dress smart. I may even ask Diawa to wear a pair of Nottoo's Famous Color-Changing 2005 Shoes.

A professional SL photographer will be at the Cutie Awards to take pictures of Nominees and Audience members. So come a bit early to get a free photo of you at this gala affair.

We have over 500 DANCE QUEENS members and I expect the sim to fill up quickly. Please do not IM me if you cannot get in. Also, this is for DANCE QUEENS members and nominees, so please do not invite all your non-DANCE QUEENS friends. I want DANCE QUEENS members to have priority on attending.

Prior to the ceremony start we will gather in the theater lobby for an opportunity to meet and talk. At about five minutes before the start of the Cutie Awards you will be asked to take your seats. We are separating seating for Nominees and Audience Members. Signs will direct you to the appropriate seating areas.

A schedule and program for The Cutie Awards will be sent to to all DANCE QUEENS members a couple of days prior to the ceremony. The ceremonies will include dance shows, Naiki Muliaina as the emcee, cheers, tears and excitement. I will be asking about nine DANCE QUEENS members to announce the category winners of different Cutie Awards. Winners in each category will have an opportunity to give a SHORT speech.

The Awards will be done in English but you can speak in any language if you are a winner. We will use both voice and chat. I hope to have a Typist present to convert the English voice to chat.

The Cutie Awards will take about three hours. It is a huge amount to get done in that time, but every award is meaningful to someone and represents significant achievement, so we will take our time.

I have invited video makers to cover the ceremony and, so far, Florine Writer, who makes great videos of MaHal shows has agreed to do so. Taking of photos of the winners by a professional SL photographer will be available following the ceremony.

There will be brief entertainment spots during the show. Some of these will be related to specific awards and some not. Diddy Hyun has agreed to manage the opening number and may call on you to participate. I will be asking others of you to help with other entertainment spots too.

Every winner will receive a unique Cutie with the Award Category Name and 2012 on it. The Cutie will be no transfer, no copy and no modify. When the winner is announced, if the person is present, I will immediately give the Cutie to you, so you can have it on stage. If you Attach it, it automatically goes to your right hand. If you have someone accepting the award for you or not attending, I will send the Cutie to you after the ceremony.

There will not be a DANCE QUEENS official party following the Awards ceremony, but if you plan on a post-Awards party and want to invite people to it, let me know and I will put it in the Program and in the blog.


After the Awards Ceremony I will put the list of winners on the DANCE QUEENS blog with a certification by Xandi Mars that this is correct.

All photos and videos will be added to the blog as they become available.

Shortly after the Awards Ceremony I will be asking for volunteers to help think through how we can make the Cutie Awards better in 2013.

So, that's it for now.


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