Sunday, December 23, 2012

DANCE QUEENS Dance Awards Trophy

DANCE QUEENS Dance Awards Trophy 121223

The final version of the DANCE QUEENS Dance Awards Trophy (DaQD - The Cutie) is finished. I met with Spume Shepherd today and he delivered an outstanding trophy based on the design that Tiviyah submitted.

Here we are with a statue-sized version of the trophy.

Here is a side view.

The black facing on the front will have the words DANCE QUEENS followed by the year and category name, for example '2012 Best Dancer' in gold letters. The winner in each category will get a unique version that will be one that can be held or placed in a home or club. Here I am holding the actual size.

The trophies awarded will be no copy, no mod and no trans so there will be only one for each category this year in all of SL.


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  1. Great stuff..amazing trophy, good price. super quick delivery Football plaques friendly and amazing service too.