Friday, December 7, 2012

DANCE QUEENS Dance Awards Manager

DANCE QUEENS Dance Awards Manager 121207

An important part of the process for the 2012 DANCE QUEENS Dance Awards is to insure that the results are fair and free of cheating. I have previously described the role of the DANCE QUEENS Dance Awards Manager as one to make this happen. The Manager will control the process to be sure of the following:
  1. Only DANCE QUEENS members can make nominations for each award category.
  2. Only the Manager will know who makes each nomination so no DANCE QUEENS member (me included) will know who nominated whom.
  3. Only DANCE QUEENS members can vote for candidates for each award category.
  4. All votes will be secret. No other DANCE QUEENS member will know how any other member voted (me included).
  5. All winners will be certified as receiving the most votes in the category.
The process I went through to select the manager is this. First, I went to SL search and entered the term 'ethics.' I felt that anyone involved with ethics in SL was a strong indicator of honesty and integrity. I then looked at the groups involved with SL ethics and the leaders of the groups. I felt this was an indication of a strong interest and leadership capability. I then reviewed the profiles of the leaders of these groups. I was looking for someone who is not actively involved in dancing and is a member of groups that show a seriousness of purpose.

From this approach I made a list of candidates. I did not know any of the candidates. I contacted the top candidate on the list and she responded to me. After a lengthy discussion of DANCE QUEENS, the DANCE QUEENS Dance Awards, her history and background, and her interest in the job, she and I agreed that she would be the Manager of the 2012 Awards.

I am delighted to introduce to you Xandi Mars, the 2012 DANCE QUEENS Dance Awards Manager. You can read her profile. She has been in SL since 2003 and in her early years was involved in dancing. She introduced the first chimera used in SL. She stopped dancing long before 2005 and has been focused on other things since then. She is enthusiastic about this role and serious about it. I am very happy she accepted and confident that we will achieve a fair and unbiased voting result.

I have described the nomination and voting process already and soon will add even more detail. You will eventually be allowed to contact Xandi to get your nomination and voting codes. Until this is announced, please do not contact her. We want no one trying to influence her in this role.


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