Monday, December 17, 2012

Another DANCE QUEENS Dance Awards Update

Another DANCE QUEENS Dance Awards Update 121217

The end of the year is getting close and the DANCE QUEENS Dance Awards are looming on the New Year horizon. See them?

Yes, it's almost time for the nomination process to start, which is followed by voting and the all important awards ceremony at 7 am on Sunday 27 January. I don't know about you, but I am sending my best dress to the pixel cleaners so I look particularly sexy for this event.

Here is an update on what is happening:


Xandi Mars is still the Manager and looking forward to the event. Nothing has changed here.


The process is the same as I described previously, but we now have the group identified who will determine the best seven candidates in each category, if we have more than seven nominations in any category. Here they are in alphabetical order and why I asked them:

Diawa Bellic - Diawa is a buresque and hip-hop dancer. She knows that end of dancing. She is also very knowledgeable of Freestyle dancing, dance shows and dance HUDs.

Inarra Saarinen - Inarra is the force behind Ballet Pixelle, SL's first dance company, and she knows about quality productions, making animations, ballet and a broad spectrum of dance.

JeanBaptiste Clemenceau-Eilde - JB runs the Fête de la Danse and is particularly interested in music, integrity in SL dancing and he knows how to put on a show.

Psyche Lunasea - Psyche runs MaHal and has shown lots of talent in couples dancing, HUD use and burlesque dancing as well as videos. She also has a great blog.

Salacia Gustafson - Salacia runs Gor-Jus Animations and knows a lot about animations, Gorean dancing, dance equipment and what it takes to run an organization.

SkyDiverPeni Fall - Peni runs the MYST dancers and has shown time and again what it is to innovate in SL dance. She knows show production, costumes, choreography and organization.

Each of these people brings a different perspective on dancing. They will decide through a voting process the seven nominees in any category with more than 7 nominations. Of course, if they are being nominated in any category, they will be excused from that category's voting.

If you have complaints about the seven nominees in any category, please contact me. Hahahaha, I will defend the group's decisions.


I've talked to Una Milena and Caryl Meredith about using the LunaMar Theater for the ceremony. This will let us have up to 100 audience members tied to their chairs on one sim with the awards being given on the adjoining sim and the dancing shows too. Una is excited about this and already I give her many thanks for letting us use the facility.

Naiki Muliaina agreed to be the Master of Ceremonies. I had to twist Naiki's paw and send him a pair of Nottoo's Famous 2005 Shoes to get him to do this since it won't be an easy job. Think about giving about 45 awards in 180 minutes along with some entertainment and thank yous from the winners. Scheduling will be a nightmare so I thought immediately about Naiki and his skills in managing an event like this. Kisses to you, Naiki.

I will be running the behind the scenes work, which is considerable. We have to keep things running on a schedule, have all the trophies right, set up the entertainment and deal with the tears of the winners and runners up. Hahahah, actually it will be a lot of fun.

Once we have nominees identified, I will ask some of them to give short entertainment during the awards ceremony. We can't have an event like this without some dancing. I will contact you, once I know who is nominated. I also will ask various DQ members to be the announcer of awards.

This will be a formal affair. Of course, I know dancers and how independent they can be so come dressed as avant-garde as you want and you will be welcomed. I will be working on some of our dance talent to video and photo the awards. Maybe I can get the SL equivalent of Joan Rivers to do a Fashion Police for the event too.

That's it for now.



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