Thursday, November 1, 2012


DANCE QUEENS Dance Awards 121101

DANCE QUEENS is all about sharing our love of dancing in SL. It is not about competition or making winners and losers. At the same time, I feel it is valuable to recognize achievements in dancing and the people behind them. Seeing the best and recognizing it I believe makes us all better at dancing and ultimately makes dancing more fun.

Today, I am announcing the "DANCE QUEENS Dance Awards (DaQD Awards)" as an annual set of awards recognizing the best in SL dancing as chosen by DANCE QUEENS members. Here is how I see the DaQD Awards for 2012 working.

DaQD Award Categories

Here are the categories I propose. Of course, if there are other categories that I have missed, please send your suggestions to me. Each category will recognize achievement that occurred in 2012 only:
  • Choreography
    • Best choreography to a specific song
    • Best choreography to a specific tempo (speed)
    • Best choreography in a video
    • Best choreography in a show
    • Best choreography with emoting
    • Best non-dance choreography (use of animated poses)
  • Set Design
    • Best set design for a Burlesque Show (one song)
    • Best set design for a Production Show (multiple songs)
  • Costumes
    • Best costumes for a Production Show
    • Best costumes in a Burlesque Show
    • Best costumes for a dance video
  • Dance Animations by Style (animation created in 2012)
    • Best dance - Couples dancing
    • Best dance - Celebrity dancing
    • Best dance - HipHop
    • Best dance - Historical and Traditional
    • Best dance - House and Jazz-AA
    • Best dance - Latin
    • Best dance - Novelty/Fad
    • Best dance - Performance
    • Best dance - Punk and Rave-Trance
    • Best dance - SL Unique (Air/Mermaid)
    • Best dance - Swing
    • Best dance overall
  • Dance Equipment
    • Best dance equipment (introduced or modified in 2012)
  • Dance Publicity
    • Best poster/graphic about SL dancing
    • Best magazine or newspaper article about SL dancing
    • Best blog post about SL dancing
  • Dance Clubs/Theaters
    • Best Dance Club in SL
    • Best Dance Ball in a Dance Club in SL
    • Best Burlesque Theater in SL
    • Best Show Theater in SL
  • Dancers
    • Best Burlesque Dancer
    • Best HipHop Dancer
    • Best Ballet Dancer
    • Best Couples Dancers
    • Best Latin Dancer
    • Best Historical/Traditional Dancer
    • SL Dancer of the Year
  • Dance Shows
    • Best Script
    • Best Musical Selection
    • Best Sound Mixing
    • Best Titles
    • Best Director
    • SL Show of the Year
  • Videos
    • Best Dance Video of the Year
Nominating Process

In the first two weeks of January 2013 the nominating process will occur. Each DANCE QUEENS member who wants to make a nomination in any category can do so. I will identify a non-DANCE QUEENS person, the Manager, who has credibility and integrity. I will pay the Manager for managing the nominating and voting process. The Manager will be provided a list of DANCE QUEENS members as of 1 January 2013. Each DANCE QUEENS member will be assigned an eight-digit number unique to that member. If a member wants to make nominations, she/he will contact the manager for the assigned number, then make the nomination on a publicly visible form using the identifying number. This way only DANCE QUEENS members only can nominate and the process will be visible to all but nominations made by members will be anonymous. The manager will insure that all nominations match a number assigned to a DANCE QUEENS member. The Manager will not provide the numbers to DANCE QUEENS members to anyone. I will not know the names.

You will be able to make one nomination per category. Each nomination must be accompanied by references to videos, URLs or other supporting information when possible. Nominees do NOT have to be DANCE QUEENS members.

Selection of Candidates for Each Category

At the end of the nominating process any category with 2 to 7 nominations will be included for the voting phase. If there are 0 or 1 nominations the category will be dropped for this year. If there are 8 or more nominations, a committee of DANCE QUEENS members will look at all of the nominations for that category and select the 7 for voting based on the amount of information provided and the number of members who nominated the person/dance. Let me know if you want to be on this committee.

On 19 January the nominations will be finalized for voting.


Again each DANCE QUEENS member will be able to vote online using a form. To vote the DANCE QUEENS member will need to get an eight-digit number from the Manager. The results of the voting WILL NOT be visible to anyone but the Manager and me, however I will only be able to see the voting by member number and will not be able to determine how any one voted by name. Voting will begin on 19 January and continue through 25 January (Friday). The manager will make a list of the winners in each category for distribution after the Awards Ceremony.

Awards Ceremony

The DaQD Awards Ceremony will be at Dance Central on Sunday, 27 January at 0700 SLT. Since we have a worldwide membership, this is the time that allows the most people to attend. My apologies to Hawaii, Alaska and New Zealand members.

In the awards ceremony I will ask DANCE QUEENS members to make the awards presentations. Since not everyone speaks English well, all awards will be done in chat. Voice will be available for those who choose to use it.

The award presenter will be selected in advance (please let me know if you want to present an award). We will have a schedule for presenting the awards. A few minutes prior to an award being presented, the Manager will give a notecard to the presenter with the nominees and the winner. At the scheduled time, the presenter will get in front of everyone and announce the winner. Winners, if present, can give a short speech. A DaQD trophy will also be given. I want to call this the DaQD (The Cutie) award. I am looking for someone to make the award trophy, so please contact me if interested.

During the awards ceremony we also will have some entertainment by different dancers or dance groups. I expect the ceremony to take about 3 hours. The entertainment will be by nominees for different awards.

Following the awards ceremony, all results will be posted to the DANCE QUEENS blog.


Please send me a notecard if you want to help. Include what role you want to play:
  • Selection Committee
  • Trophy Creation
  • Awards Presenter
  • Assist with arranging the Awards Ceremony


  1. How do we keep track of which dances were made in 2012?? And how will we get our voting number? Thanks!

    1. You can look in the dances properties and see the acquisition date for you. If it is before 2012 obviously the dance is older than 2012. All nominated dances will be checked at stores for the date it was placed in the sales pad and confirmed with the maker if possible.

      The voting number will be sent to you on a notecard.