Friday, November 2, 2012

Bits and Bobs Offers Walk Down the Aisle

Bits and Bobs Offers Walk Down the Aisle 121102

Craig Altman sent this notice to the Bits and Bobs group today ...


Wedding Aisle walk
Fri, Nov 02 2012 3:28:10 AM PDT

Hi Folks

This is one people have asked for a lot in the past and up until now ive not been able to make it in a smooth enough way with the scripting.

This is a couples walk system allowing them to walk smoothly hand in hand or arm in arm down a centre aisle during a marriage ceremony, distance is changeable to suit aisle size and all settings are menu controlled so it is simple to set up.

The set is currently at the main store in the wedding section and I will place it on the marketplace shortly.

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