Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Using the Firestorm Built-in AO

Using the Firestorm Built-in AO 121017

I was online a few days ago when this discussion took place on the DANCE QUEENS group IM:

[11:09:19] Red (cilla.teebrook): Not sure if this has been used before.  But, I was wanting to add dances to my built in FS AO so I googled.   Hehe.  and found the idea of just adding a New Set to the AO for just dances.     I put a dozen dances in there and can switch to them when desired.    Did that make sense?      oh oh..   you can also set the dances to cycle.   I just put it on 20 Seconds.   THE END.
[11:10:17] Spicey Milneaux: great idea Red!!
[11:10:18] Shadow Tarber: fun idea Cilla :)) now if you can stick sequences in, let me know ;))
[11:10:37] Red (cilla.teebrook): the cycling was the best I could do
[11:10:43] Emy (emyly.beaumont): thanks Red. I have run into several women who did this but nice to know there are those outside the RP world using this
[11:11:04] Auricrose: yeah its good for static poses too
[11:11:09] Red (cilla.teebrook): smiles Thank you
[11:11:24] Red (cilla.teebrook): thank google too
[11:11:38] Shadow Tarber: the google foo is strong in this one.......
[11:11:49] Aura Rose (auricrose): nice thinking Red :)
[11:11:52] Red (cilla.teebrook): I bet so and one for Model stuff
[11:11:58] Red (cilla.teebrook): on and on
[11:13:43] Red (cilla.teebrook): and if I score a touchdown..  I can dance in the END ZONE.   giggles
[11:16:53] Aura Rose (auricrose): grins

This is a good idea and I thank Cilla for telling us about it.

I had previously mentioned the Firestorm built-in AO, but Cilla takes the idea a step further and makes the built in AO useful for dancing. Here are the ideas in the group IM and a couple of more of how you might use this capability.
  1. Put dances in the AO and use it as a second HUD (Cilla's idea).
  2. Put static poses in the AO and use it as either stopping points in a dance or for a finish dance (Auricrose's idea)
  3. Use it for animated poses from model anims to waits between songs to cheering (Cilla's ideas) to role play (Emy's idea).
  4. Use it for modifying animations, for example to put your hands over your head while dancing.
  5. Use it to try to have your avatar dance a dance in the middle by switching to an AO dance then turning it off and returning to the dance running in your HUD. This is not so easy to do because of the timing.
Modifying Anims from Dance Central in the Firestorm AO



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