Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Update on DaBeats

Update on DaBeats 121010

Steve Ekatos, the owner of DaBeats, IMd me today and asked me to take another look at the dances at DaBeats. You may recall the initial impression of DaBeats that I previously wrote about was not so good. Steve has worked hard and all the DaBeats dances I tested now loop with only a small jump ... certainly a big improvement.

Steve told me he had worked hard on solving the looping issue.

I told Steve that there still are some problems with his dances. First, most do not start at the centerpoint. Of course this means a jump when you start the dance and makes it hard to avoid a jump in a sequence. He plans to fix this problem. Second, he will also add the loop time in the dance description. This is pretty much standard on MOCAP dances now. Finally, I suggested he look at the major MOCAP producers and compare the smoothness of the dances.

Although DaBeats is not yet up to the quality of the leading MOCAP producers, Steve is making progress. He tells me he has 1300 dances to bring to SL, so hopefully he will find solutions to the remaining issues and we will have a whole lot of new dances to try.


P.S. The type of discussion I had with Steve is similar to those I have with many of the other MOCAP dance makers. I talk to quite a few of them fairly often and tell them what I think or comment on their ideas.


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